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Hello, It is February 2019 and love songs are in the air. Our single Never My Love is appearing on lots of shows this season . Request it on your favorite bluegrass station if it's not there already.

We are recording some new music so stay tuned for more news  in the coming weeks.

December is here!. A VERY Merry Christmas to everyone! Our Christmas EP Playing in the snow is now available for DJ's to download at Airplay Direct at the following url http:/
Playing in the Snow is currently in the Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart at # 5 at Airplay Direct

Playing in the Snow is being played on over 136 Holiday stations on Pandora and you can add the CD to your playlist at the following url

Thanking  Bluegrass Unlimited for the album description of Bits and Pieces in the April 2018 edition

We thank all of the dj's who sent  Valenteine's Day playlists with cuts from our latest CD Bits and Pieces. So grateful to all of you!
Thank you to all of the DJ's who played cuts from our latest CD Bits and Pieces November through January! So greatly appreciated!

There is an article about our new CD Bits and Pieces at our Blogspot
at the following url

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

Playing in the Snow has been added to 277 Holiday stations at Pandora. Thank you listeners!

Merry Christmas to all!

Our New CD Bits & Pieces is on the ADP Global Top 50 Bluegrass chart

Our Christmas release Playing in the Snow is available on Pandora and you can add it to your station at the following url
It is also available for sale on the band's page at the "Store" link .

We have a new CD available to DJ's for download at  Airplay Direct at the following url-
Bits and Pieces is a 15 song anthology of the band's 4 CD releases plus two songs from an upcoming CD.

Recent  Fan Reviews

"Now THAT'S what I'm TALKING about!! Ya'll are the real deal!! Excellent in every part!!! I'm a fan!!! I got chills!!
I had to share you guys on my FaceBook page!! You're just awesome!!" -Lana

Thank you so much Lana, we love you! 

"Having a great time listening to the Urban Monroes,
in Florida USA today, this September 20th 2017."- Jennifer

Thank you Jennifer! We are so happy to meet you. 

Sept 19 2017
Hello Everyone!

These are  recent  fan reviews. We are so grateful to our fans and listeners. Thank you.

"really cool and authentic bluegrass feel here Urban Monroes.....great instrumentation and vocal"

"Awesome!!! Well done all the way around"

"Little Maggie, Time of Your Life, On My Way, Old Joe Clark and When The Aspens Turn, awesome whoa songs awesome sounds!!!! "

"Splendid songs, outstanding performances! A genuine pleasure listening! Have a great Monday! Best wishes!"

"Energy Talent and Beautiful music SUPERB!!!"

"Great Music, Voice And Arrangements!!!"

"these are all great songs and ya'll are too! Totally enjoyed it!"

"Bluegrass at its Best, I'm a Fan!"

"Excellent arrangements; really good sounding music."

"Sill rocking & rolling....loving u all!"

"Back for more of your outstanding music! "William's Still Alive" a pure listening pleasure! "


"Love it ..Well Played..My foot won't Stop Moving."


 We are excited to say that our CD Pavement and Pathways is now on Pandora and you can add it to your station
at the following url

Also our Christmas CD "Playing in the Snow" is  now at Pandora and you can add it to your station as well.

  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Our CD Appaloosa Daydream is now playing on Pandora and you can add it to your station there

Also our Christmas CD "Playing in the Snow" is  now at Pandora and you can add it to your station as well.

We are on the Airplay Direct Top 50 Bluegrass chart September. 
We are also on the All time Global Top 50 bluegrass Chart

Photo below from our amazing  friend Bob Cherry at Cybergrass-

Recent Fan Reviews:

"Wonderful and amazing music"
"Love your new music"
"On My Way is terrific"
"William's Still Alive is a great song"
"Always a genuine pleasure to listen to your splendid music"
"Unique and original-Great work!"

Thanks so much to our fans and friends! We lOvE you!

A traditional Irish song called "The Butterfly" in celebration of the coming of both St. Patrick's Day and Spring later this month.

A video posted by Urban Monroes (@urbanmonroesbluegrass) on

Recent responses from fans:

"This is beautiful"

" I love this"


"Just added your station to my Pandora"

"Great music"

This is the cover for our upcoming CD "You Want the Moon". Two tracks from it "William's Still Alive" and " On My way"   are already streaming at Pandora along with more UM's CD's.

If you would like you can add the Urban Monroes to your Pandora Station

We finished 2015 in the #1 spot on Airplay Direct's All-Time Top 50 Global Bluegrass Chart

We finished 2015 in the Top 10 "Best of 2015" Bluegrass Song Chart at Roots Music Report

Wow! We have three songs from two different albums that are on the Best of 2015 Roots Music Report Songs and Albums Charts. Thanks so much to the dj's that play our music and to the fans that listen. We are so grateful to all of you!

Pandora has added another of the Urban Monroes 4 CD's and you can now add them to your station. The Pandora Library of Urban Monroes music  is at the following url

Wishing everyone a wonderful winter with the darkly beautiful "Shady Grove", on a darkly beautiful winter's night.

Recent Fan reviews of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" 
"I love This"
"You're Great"


Below is a movie about our Christmas EP released in 2015 entitled Playing in the Snow

We have officially released our Christmas CD "Playing in the Snow".
Here is an article you can read about it in Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News

It is available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby  and lots of other places.

Pandora is playing our latest single "On My Way" You can add us to your page by searching for our name at Pandora and clicking create station
Hello to everyone who has stopped by our page. We're glad you're here!
If you want to contact us just send an Email 

Just letting you know that we are live on Pandora now and playing on their bluegrass stations.
So if you have a Pandora account you can add us.

Thanking the Rob Stangle show for featuring the Urban Monroes.

We are now on Instagram

We  have two new singles and a new Christmas EP available on iTunes, Amazon and other great retailers.
You can find the Buy links on the buttons above.

DJ's can now download our Christmas EP entitled "Playing in the Snow" at the following url
DJ's can get a physical copy of our CD's  by sending a message
Thanks so much to all of the DJ's playing our music!

Our other three CD's can be downloaded at Airplay Direct at the following url

Wir danken Werner Westerwelle und dem Deutschen Internet Radio dafür, dass Sie die Urban Monroes spielen.

We thank  Werners Western Welle and German Internet Radio Association for playing the Urban Monroes.

We are #1 on the Fireball Mail Top 10 Bluegrass Song Chart with the song "William's Still Alive"
Our July single "On My Way" is on the Top 100 European Country Chart

Both of ou
r singles "On My Way" and "William's Still Alive" made the  iTunes Top 100 Bluegrass Chart

We had a wonderful time playing music for 3 days in the San Juan Islands. Just a blast!

We have an Android app and you can get it by typing
into the browser on your Android phone and hitting the download button.  It's free! You can hear 18 tracks any time you want and be updated on our news.

Our latest singles "William's Still Alive" and "On My Way"  are both available for sale in our CD Baby Store  You will soon find them both at iTunes and other services very soon.

All of our music has been incorporated into both Pandora and iHeart radio thanks to our label and distributor and it will soon be available for you to listen to in those locations.

We are so very thankful to Bluegrass Today for printing this review and description of our latest single "William's Still Alive"
Please read it at the following url

If you want to hear our latest single "William's Still Alive"  click play on the player on this page over to the right.

Here is an article on Cybergrass (Bluegrass Music News Network) about our latest single "William's Still Alive". at the following url


We are on the APD Top 50 Bluegrass Chart with our new  single " William's Still Alive"

We have uploaded our new single
entitled "William's Still Alive" to Airplay Direct and it is available for DJ's to download at the following   

The song backstory is:
150 years ago this month, in August of 1865, my great-great-great-grandfather William F. Perdue was discharged from the Union army at Vicksburg, Miss. After serving three years, he left as a 19 year old veteran of eleven battles.  

Our great thanks to Lilli Cupbeat at WDCB, Chicago and the Folk Festival show for airing our latest single "On My Way"

We are on the Mountain Folk radio and TV show this week, You can stream the radio show at:
Our thanks to Eastside Dave!

We thank the Best of Bluegrass  in NZ for featuring
5 songs of the Urban Monroes in this weeks show
Tune in to the Best of Bluegrass radio show  on Tuesdays at 3PM (New Zealand time)

Many thanks to  Bluegrass Today for posting about our latest single "On My way"
You can read the post at the following url

Our new single "On My Way" will air on Pennsylvania's Mountain Folk Show next week. We will post a link straight to the show when it becomes available.    Special thanks to Eastside Dave!

Here is an article in Cybergrass about our new Single Release entitled " On My Way".  Go to the url below


We released a new single July 18th called  "On My Way". DJ's can find it on Airplay Direct at the link  on top of this page.
We happen to be on the Top 50  Global Bluegrass chart at APD currently. We thank all of  the dj's for playing the new song!

You can listen to the interview at The Bluegrass Byway at the following URL. Many thanks to Joe Caliva

Thanking Joe Caliva and Bluegrass Byway for having us on the show!

Tune in to the latest edition of our Podcast (June Update) by watching the video below.

Many thanks to WDCB, WNKU,WUVT, The Bluegrass Jamboree, Got Radio Bluegrass, Addicted to Bluegrass and Spintron Radio for spinning the Urban Monroes from our latest CD Appaloosa Daydream.

We thank Portland's KINK for having Fran on for an interview!

Come spend the day with us on the Oregon coast at the Lincoln City Earth Day Festival! Saturday April 18th from 11-2, we'll be at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, 540 NE Hwy 101 in Lincoln City, OR. It
should be a lot of fun, and better's FREE!

Thank you so much to everyone in George. We had such a great time there. It was wonderful to play for such an amazing group of people.


Please join us on March14th at George Community Hall in George, Washington. It's going to be a great show and a fun time!
Show starts at 7PM. See you there!

There is an article in Music News Nashville on the Urban Monroes. You can read it at the following url.

Episode 1 of our Podcast is uploaded to YouTube at the following url
It's a personal view into our world featuring viewer mail, live podcast pickin', a demonstration of the making of chicken enchilada casserole for the band to eat at practice, a Seahawks Super Bowl interception, and a live clip from a recent Portland show.


 We are on  Roots Music Report  Best of 2014 Songs and Albums Charts at the following urls:

We are on WDCB's  "Festival Faves of 2014" list.

"Your Appaloosa Daydream is MY all-time favorite" - Doc Huff- Doc's Banjos

Some reviews of our recent CD Appaloosa Daydream:

  "...emotionally-enrichedvigorously dynamic bluegrass lacking only in pretense and tedium." -The Oregonian, fresh, invigorating, and as infectious as kindergarten chicken-pox. You get a full emotional infusion with luscious vocals and tantalizing instrumentals; truth and tonic all in a single sweet bluegrass dose."  Portland Tribune

"Kent is afforded ample room to reveal the depths of her soul, which she does to haunting effect on 'Little Maggie.' But on 'Never My Love,' the mood takes you on a completely different sojourn back to the days of brightly colored T-shirts and 3 minute radio hits with this Association cover done brilliantly as bluegrass." -The Columbian  

Our recent CD release Appaloosa Daydream is on the Best of 2014 albums list for the Acoustic Revival on 90FM  WWSP . We thank WWSP and Jim Canales profusely.

Thanks to WDCB for spinning the Urban Monroes
Thank you WDRT for playing the Urban Monroes Christmas tracks on the Holiday show!
Thank you to Artie Martello and the Mostly Folk Show for having the UM's  in your Holiday Radio Celebration

Please tune in to the Bluegrass Gospel Christmas show on WYSO in Ohio with Amy Luncan on Sunday morning 12/21. She will be playing our new Christmas song "Do You Hear What I Hear"

On Monday 12/22 at 7PM tune into KRVM for  "Miles of Bluegrass" with Karen Olch. She will be playing our latest Christmas release.

Thanks so much Karen and Amy!

We would like to thank Joe Colvin from WYSO in Ohio for playing the Urban Monroes. We are so grateful to wonderful DJ's like Joe!

Our new Christmas CD
"Playing in the Snow" is on the APD Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart. It moved up to #5 and the band is #1 on the APD All Time Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart as well.

We have released a Christmas CD entitled "Playing in the Snow" and it is available to DJ's  at Airplay Direct.    
You can also order it by sending us an email

Thank you so much to our friends, family and fans who joined us at Mississippi Pizza. We had a full house and had an enormous amount of fun.
We have video of the show and will get one up soon.

The video below is from a recent show at the Old Liberty Theater. We had a packed theater and had a wonderful time.

Please join us on Saturday Nov 15th from 6-8pm for a very special free all-ages show at Mississippi Pizza, 3552 N. Mississippi Ave. in Portland, OR.
It will be a lot of fun, so come on out. We hope to see you there!

Below are the latest CD reviews for our most recent album.

Profound thanks to Fireball Mail Magazine for the great review of Appaloosa Daydream!


"Appaloosa Daydream, the Urban Monroes’ third CD release; trots, gallops and sometimes flies across a 10-song soundscape of original and traditional bluegrass music. Songs like the upbeat and vocally divine original, “Lamp in the Window” can take you to a warm fire on a cold night, while the title track prances delightedly in a valley of instrumental bliss. Don’t be fooled by seeing “Little Maggie” on this CD’s track listing either. This is uncharted territory. That recognizable title could not prepare one for this sonic surprise package, with a performance as hauntingly beautiful as it is muscular. Combining motifs from Darling Corey and Little Maggie, the band’s arrangement exchanges energy from moment to moment like the ebb and flow of ocean waves as this trail again leads to the unexpected and exciting.


With enduring arrangements and some clever musical horse sense, the Urban Monroes nimbly negotiate a path to discover the unexplored in the midst of some familiar and some not-so-familiar terrain. The CD lays out that fresh panorama in eloquent testimony of the band’s talent. " -Fireball Mail Magazine

 We send our deep thanks to Jamboree Mountain Bluegrass Magazine for their review of  Appaloosa Daydream

"From haunting bluegrass vocal ballads to joyous upbeat instrumentals, Urban Monroes' latest CD Appaloosa Daydream gallops across the bluegrass fields. The view from the saddle offers glimpses of stunning vistas both new and familiar with the Cascades of the band's home range on one hand and the Appalachians on the other.

The fan-friendly release showcases requested concert favorites and is packed with surprises such as the intricately meshed arrangement of Blackberry Shortcake; a refreshing retake of the bluegrass jam session standard Blackberry Blossom. Another is Little Maggie. Rather than just re-shoeing this old war horse and giving it a quick kick, this is an inspired reinvention of the old favorite. While in delightful contrast, the band's old time-ish arrangement of the title track pumps elements of tradition into a new tune.

Appaloosa Daydream offers the chance to gallop, trot, prance and roll in the bluegrass. Urban Monroes have put their brand on each of these tracks and prove they have the ponies to run with anybody."
-Jamboree Mountain Bluegrass Magazine

 THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Old Liberty Theater on Saturday! You made it really fun and we loved meeting you all! A fully packed house is a very fun thing! Thanks again!

-Little Maggie from Appaloosa Daydream is the  #1 song on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart
-Please join us on Oct 4th at 7PM  the Old Liberty Theater in Ridgefield Washington. This show is in conjunction with Birdfest. Hope to see you there

Please join us on Sept 13th at 6PM at Powers Auditorium in Eugene for the Emerald Valley Opry

There's a new article on the band at Music News Nashville A click on the link will bring it up in this window or cut and paste:
into your browser.

We're #1 on the Roots Music Report Bluegrass Song Chart!


Our Album Appaloosa Daydream has two Songs in the Roots Music Report
Top Ten Bluegrass Chart; "Little Maggie" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky". Thanks to the DJ's who play our music! We appreciate it so very much...

Urban Monroes at Lincoln City Cultural Arts Center

We had a  wonderful time playing at Lincoln City last night. We had a full house of wonderful gracious people. Thanks to LCCC for hosting this event.

The Urban Monroes will will be performing at the Beautiful Oregon Coast at the Lincoln City Cultural Arts Center off Hwy 101 on August 2 at 7pm

-We are #1 on the ALL Time Top 50 Global Bluegrass Chart with over 10,000 DJ downloads
and #1 on the Roots Music Report Top50 Bluegrass Song Chart.
-Review of our latest CD Appaloosa Dream by Stanton University Radio:
"Sublime Vocals throughout with creative arrangements"
-We had the Featured Video of the Day on Oregon Music News