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We have officially released our Christmas CD "Playing in the Snow".
Here is an article you can read about it in Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News

It is available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby  and lots of other places.

Pandora is playing our latest single "On My Way" You can add us to your page by searching for our name at Pandora and clicking create station

We apologize to our Soundcloud friends. Our page there was hacked and until SoundCloud is able to get itself secured we pulled our content.

Hello to everyone who has stopped by our page. We're glad you're here!
If you want to contact us just send an Email 

Just letting you know that we are live on Pandora now and playing on their bluegrass stations.
So if you have a Pandora account you can add us.

Thanking the Rob Stangle show for featuring the Urban Monroes.

We are now on Instagram

We  have two new singles and a new Christmas EP available on iTunes, Amazon and other great retailers.
You can find the Buy links on the buttons above.

DJ's can now download our Christmas EP entitled "Playing in the Snow" at the following url
DJ's can get a physical copy of our CD's  by sending a message
Thanks so much to all of the DJ's playing our music!

Our other three CD's can be downloaded at Airplay Direct at the following url

Wir danken Werner Westerwelle und dem Deutschen Internet Radio dafür, dass Sie die Urban Monroes spielen.

We thank  Werners Western Welle and German Internet Radio Association for playing the Urban Monroes.

We are #1 on the Fireball Mail Top 10 Bluegrass Song Chart with the song "William's Still Alive"
Our July single "On My Way" is on the Top 100 European Country Chart

Both of ou
r singles "On My Way" and "William's Still Alive" made the  iTunes Top 100 Bluegrass Chart

We had a wonderful time playing music for 3 days in the San Juan Islands. Just a blast!

We have an Android app and you can get it by typing
into the browser on your Android phone and hitting the download button.  It's free! You can hear 18 tracks any time you want and be updated on our news.

Our latest singles "William's Still Alive" and "On My Way"  are both available for sale in our CD Baby Store  You will soon find them both at iTunes and other services very soon.

All of our music has been incorporated into both Pandora and iHeart radio thanks to our label and distributor and it will soon be available for you to listen to in those locations.

We are so very thankful to Bluegrass Today for printing this review and description of our latest single "William's Still Alive"
Please read it at the following url

If you want to hear our latest single "William's Still Alive"  click play on the player on this page over to the right.

Here is an article on Cybergrass (Bluegrass Music News Network) about our latest single "William's Still Alive". at the following url


We are on the APD Top 50 Bluegrass Chart with our new  single " William's Still Alive"

We have uploaded our new single
entitled "William's Still Alive" to Airplay Direct and it is available for DJ's to download at the following   

The song backstory is:
150 years ago this month, in August of 1865, my great-great-great-grandfather William F. Perdue was discharged from the Union army at Vicksburg, Miss. After serving three years, he left as a 19 year old veteran of eleven battles.  

Our great thanks to Lilli Cupbeat at WDCB, Chicago and the Folk Festival show for airing our latest single "On My Way"

We are on the Mountain Folk radio and TV show this week, You can stream the radio show at:
Our thanks to Eastside Dave!

We thank the Best of Bluegrass  in NZ for featuring
5 songs of the Urban Monroes in this weeks show
Tune in to the Best of Bluegrass radio show  on Tuesdays at 3PM (New Zealand time)

Many thanks to  Bluegrass Today for posting about our latest single "On My way"
You can read the post at the following url

Our new single "On My Way" will air on Pennsylvania's Mountain Folk Show next week. We will post a link straight to the show when it becomes available.    Special thanks to Eastside Dave!

Here is an article in Cybergrass about our new Single Release entitled " On My Way".  Go to the url below


We released a new single July 18th called  "On My Way". DJ's can find it on Airplay Direct at the link  on top of this page.
We happen to be on the Top 50  Global Bluegrass chart at APD currently. We thank all of  the dj's for playing the new song!

You can listen to the interview at The Bluegrass Byway at the following URL. Many thanks to Joe Caliva

Thanking Joe Caliva and Bluegrass Byway for having us on the show!

Tune in to the latest edition of our Podcast (June Update) by watching the video below.

Many thanks to WDCB, WNKU,WUVT, The Bluegrass Jamboree, Got Radio Bluegrass, Addicted to Bluegrass and Spintron Radio for spinning the Urban Monroes from our latest CD Appaloosa Daydream.

We thank Portland's KINK for having Fran on for an interview!

Come spend the day with us on the Oregon coast at the Lincoln City Earth Day Festival! Saturday April 18th from 11-2, we'll be at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, 540 NE Hwy 101 in Lincoln City, OR. It
should be a lot of fun, and better's FREE!

Thank you so much to everyone in George. We had such a great time there. It was wonderful to play for such an amazing group of people.


Please join us on March14th at George Community Hall in George, Washington. It's going to be a great show and a fun time!
Show starts at 7PM. See you there!

There is an article in Music News Nashville on the Urban Monroes. You can read it at the following url.

Episode 1 of our Podcast is uploaded to YouTube at the following url
It's a personal view into our world featuring viewer mail, live podcast pickin', a demonstration of the making of chicken enchilada casserole for the band to eat at practice, a Seahawks Super Bowl interception, and a live clip from a recent Portland show.


 We are on  Roots Music Report  Best of 2014 Songs and Albums Charts at the following urls:

We are on WDCB's  "Festival Faves of 2014" list.

"Your Appaloosa Daydream is MY all-time favorite" - Doc Huff- Doc's Banjos

Some reviews of our recent CD Appaloosa Daydream:

  "...emotionally-enrichedvigorously dynamic bluegrass lacking only in pretense and tedium." -The Oregonian, fresh, invigorating, and as infectious as kindergarten chicken-pox. You get a full emotional infusion with luscious vocals and tantalizing instrumentals; truth and tonic all in a single sweet bluegrass dose."  Portland Tribune

"Kent is afforded ample room to reveal the depths of her soul, which she does to haunting effect on 'Little Maggie.' But on 'Never My Love,' the mood takes you on a completely different sojourn back to the days of brightly colored T-shirts and 3 minute radio hits with this Association cover done brilliantly as bluegrass." -The Columbian  

Our recent CD release Appaloosa Daydream is on the Best of 2014 albums list for the Acoustic Revival on 90FM  WWSP . We thank WWSP and Jim Canales profusely.

Thanks to WDCB for spinning the Urban Monroes
Thank you WDRT for playing the Urban Monroes Christmas tracks on the Holiday show!
Thank you to Artie Martello and the Mostly Folk Show for having the UM's  in your Holiday Radio Celebration

Please tune in to the Bluegrass Gospel Christmas show on WYSO in Ohio with Amy Luncan on Sunday morning 12/21. She will be playing our new Christmas song "Do You Hear What I Hear"

On Monday 12/22 at 7PM tune into KRVM for  "Miles of Bluegrass" with Karen Olch. She will be playing our latest Christmas release.

Thanks so much Karen and Amy!

We would like to thank Joe Colvin from WYSO in Ohio for playing the Urban Monroes. We are so grateful to wonderful DJ's like Joe!

Our new Christmas CD
"Playing in the Snow" is on the APD Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart. It moved up to #5 and the band is #1 on the APD All Time Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart as well.

We have released a Christmas CD entitled "Playing in the Snow" and it is available to DJ's  at Airplay Direct.    
You can also order it by sending us an email

Thank you so much to our friends, family and fans who joined us at Mississippi Pizza. We had a full house and had an enormous amount of fun.
We have video of the show and will get one up soon.

The video below is from a recent show at the Old Liberty Theater. We had a packed theater and had a wonderful time.

Please join us on Saturday Nov 15th from 6-8pm for a very special free all-ages show at Mississippi Pizza, 3552 N. Mississippi Ave. in Portland, OR.
It will be a lot of fun, so come on out. We hope to see you there!

Below are the latest CD reviews for our most recent album.

Profound thanks to Fireball Mail Magazine for the great review of Appaloosa Daydream!


"Appaloosa Daydream, the Urban Monroes’ third CD release; trots, gallops and sometimes flies across a 10-song soundscape of original and traditional bluegrass music. Songs like the upbeat and vocally divine original, “Lamp in the Window” can take you to a warm fire on a cold night, while the title track prances delightedly in a valley of instrumental bliss. Don’t be fooled by seeing “Little Maggie” on this CD’s track listing either. This is uncharted territory. That recognizable title could not prepare one for this sonic surprise package, with a performance as hauntingly beautiful as it is muscular. Combining motifs from Darling Corey and Little Maggie, the band’s arrangement exchanges energy from moment to moment like the ebb and flow of ocean waves as this trail again leads to the unexpected and exciting.


With enduring arrangements and some clever musical horse sense, the Urban Monroes nimbly negotiate a path to discover the unexplored in the midst of some familiar and some not-so-familiar terrain. The CD lays out that fresh panorama in eloquent testimony of the band’s talent. " -Fireball Mail Magazine

 We send our deep thanks to Jamboree Mountain Bluegrass Magazine for their review of  Appaloosa Daydream

"From haunting bluegrass vocal ballads to joyous upbeat instrumentals, Urban Monroes' latest CD Appaloosa Daydream gallops across the bluegrass fields. The view from the saddle offers glimpses of stunning vistas both new and familiar with the Cascades of the band's home range on one hand and the Appalachians on the other.

The fan-friendly release showcases requested concert favorites and is packed with surprises such as the intricately meshed arrangement of Blackberry Shortcake; a refreshing retake of the bluegrass jam session standard Blackberry Blossom. Another is Little Maggie. Rather than just re-shoeing this old war horse and giving it a quick kick, this is an inspired reinvention of the old favorite. While in delightful contrast, the band's old time-ish arrangement of the title track pumps elements of tradition into a new tune.

Appaloosa Daydream offers the chance to gallop, trot, prance and roll in the bluegrass. Urban Monroes have put their brand on each of these tracks and prove they have the ponies to run with anybody."
-Jamboree Mountain Bluegrass Magazine

 THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Old Liberty Theater on Saturday! You made it really fun and we loved meeting you all! A fully packed house is a very fun thing! Thanks again!

-Little Maggie from Appaloosa Daydream is the  #1 song on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart
-Please join us on Oct 4th at 7PM  the Old Liberty Theater in Ridgefield Washington. This show is in conjunction with Birdfest. Hope to see you there

Please join us on Sept 13th at 6PM at Powers Auditorium in Eugene for the Emerald Valley Opry

There's a new article on the band at Music News Nashville A click on the link will bring it up in this window or cut and paste:
into your browser.

We're #1 on the Roots Music Report Bluegrass Song Chart!


Our Album Appaloosa Daydream has two Songs in the Roots Music Report
Top Ten Bluegrass Chart; "Little Maggie" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky". Thanks to the DJ's who play our music! We appreciate it so very much...

Urban Monroes at Lincoln City Cultural Arts Center

We had a  wonderful time playing at Lincoln City last night. We had a full house of wonderful gracious people. Thanks to LCCC for hosting this event.

The Urban Monroes will will be performing at the Beautiful Oregon Coast at the Lincoln City Cultural Arts Center off Hwy 101 on August 2 at 7pm

-We are #1 on the ALL Time Top 50 Global Bluegrass Chart with over 10,000 DJ downloads
and #1 on the Roots Music Report Top50 Bluegrass Song Chart.
-Review of our latest CD Appaloosa Dream by Stanton University Radio:
"Sublime Vocals throughout with creative arrangements"
-We had the Featured Video of the Day on Oregon Music News

We are #2 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Songs Chart

Below is new video of the Urban Monroes performing "These Old Blues"

Here are a few recent fan reviews from this past weekend's live show video postings.

"Wow!!!!!!!!great harmonies, pretty darn amazing
loving this!!! every thing is great !"

"Awe man !! What a song, togetherness and vibe.
Wish there was more. That sharp flatpicking, that
Banjo punching through and the fiddle drone
really gets to me. This stirs up my soul...

"Urban Monroes, you guys are simply marvelous!
What a dynamite voice. Bravo Bravo! "

"Excellent. Really excellent."

"Fantastic playing....but you better be to play the
best music on earth...Bluegrass...great job guys"

"I began following you before I even heard the first
vocals. Your grooving intro was so sweet, I knew
it was gonna be great.... I was not dissapointed.


We had a wonderful time playing in Eugene. Below is a new video of the Urban
Monroes playing "Blues Stay Away From Me" from that Show.

Here is a new fan review of that video-

"Absolutely perfect. If I could give marks this would be an 11 out of 10. Love the feel, the performance, the harmonies - everything!"  -Simon

Let's see, our CD Appaloosa Daydream is #18 on the Roots Music Report
Bluegrass Top 50. Appaloosa Daydream is also #1 on the APD ALL TIME Global Bluegrass Top 50.

#1 on the APD All Time Global Top 50 Bluegrass chart

Join us at the Opry on April 12th.We always have a wonderful time there

We are #2 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 songs chart! Thank you DJ's for playing us.


These are few recent fan reviews:

You all have boundless talent. This is a spectacular show! Well performed

Excellent performance on all levels!You left me wanting more!!! Urban Monroes is the real deal 

I just LOVE Little Maggie. I can't sit still while listening to it. I'm an old Irish dancer so out comes the Irish dancing!

Oh that was just plain awesomeness there!!!!!!!!!

The musicianship here is outstanding. Great intertwining of instruments its like they are talking to each other. ~Ryan

Wow!! First time I heard "Never Mind Love" in a bluegrass style and I must say it sounds really AWESOME!!! Harmonies are off the chart!! Great job!!!

February is shaping up to be an amazing month. We have been on a lot of wonderful shows
and found our way into the Bluegrass Favorites Chart again but this time we are at the Top @ #1
Thanks to the DJ's who play our music. We appreciate it so  very much! (Chart is below)

Seahawks won the Super Bowl....Love those Hawks... That was followed by the only snow storm
the Northwest has had in many years. For two days it was Christmas again.

Now it's back to business.

Here are some recent fan reviews: We are grateful for their generous words

"WOW! BRILLIANT! EXCELLENT! It is delightful and a great pleasure to listen to your tuneful, harmonious, moving, optimistic and wonderful music. Great tracks, great tunes great musicians, and fascinating and gorgeous vocals. AMAZING!" Keld Sand

The following is a poem written to us from our friends at ReverbNation: Their words are a priceless gift to us! 
"Portland swings, the fiddle does too. Glass that’s blown, grass that’s blue. The sweet sweet smell of a garden rose. The sweet sweet sound of the Urban Monroes! " Songs Unsung

What a wonderful start to 2014. We are in the Top 20 Bluegrass Radio Favorites


The Pony Express has finally arrived and we have some new Appaloosa Daydream reviews to trot out:

“Appaloosa Daydream is exceptional.”


“The band is beyond tight.”


“When four talented musicians convert four very different acoustical instruments into one blended sound it is what I call magic.”


“You create magic in this CD.”


“…the arranging you have done here is brilliant.”


 “All of the tunes on the CD are superb.  There is no fill and no “hit next track” on the CD and they flow together well.”

“I was listening to “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and fell in love with the vocalist just as I did over 30 years ago with Emmylou Harris.”


 “– crisp, sweet and truly captivating.”


“Appaloosa Daydream is brilliant!.” HAVE  to endure them. Just keep the coffee the rolling!
Here is an article in Music News Nashville  published  today about our new CD Appaloosa Daydream

It has been an amazing year. Words could never describe the ride that we've been on. Seriously....BUT if you tune into Bluegrass in the BASSment on Saturday January 11th 2014 on World Wide Bluegrass you will hear an interview between DJ Jim Chatfield and Fran Kent of the UM's who will detail some of the distinguishing moments and talk about their brand new CD Appaloosa Daydream which Jim also played on. Tune in at 10 PM EST. Just go to and hit the Listen button and it will automatically play.

As of today we are:
- in the Top 50 most played bluegrass albums for Galaxie Radio in 2013. Thank you so much for playing us Galaxie.

13 -- Alan Bibey -- The Mandolin Chronicles -- Pinecastle
14 -- The Infamous Stringdusters -- Silver Sky -- High Country Recordings
15 -- Marty Raybon -- The Back Forty -- Rural Rhythm
16 -- Shannon & Heather Slaughter -- One More Road -- Elite Circuit Music
17 -- Dailey & Vincent -- Brothers Of The Highway -- Rounder
18 -- Urban Monroes -- Appaloosa Daydream -- Mountain Sky Media
19 -- The Roys -- Gypsy Runaway Train -- Rural Rhythm
20 -- Jason Davis -- Second Time Around -- Mountain Fever

We are #1 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart

We are #3 on the APD Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart

We are #1 on the APD ALL-Time Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart for 2013. 
 8330 DJ downloads

We hope that everyone had a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Holiday Season. Here comes 2014. Whew!

Dec 21st

We have a new Christmas Single entitled Underneath the Stars available at Airplay Direct.

 We are #1 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass and in the Top 5 on the APD Global Bluegrass Chart

Appaloosa Daydream will be shipped in about a week . We are excited about some of the things that have already happened for this CD.

Stop by our new video site at Fandalism if you get a chance

We are in the Top 5 of the Roots Music Report Bluegrass
Chart. We are also in the Top 5 of the ADP Global Top 50 Bluegrass

Our new Bluegrass Christmas Single is featured as the song of the week at the Bluegrass Situation!


Appaloosa Daydream Album Art!
To view larger click the"music" link
to the left of this frame.

One of our videos is featured at Fandalism. Stop by our new video page there if you have time 

We have released our new single entitled "Underneath The Stars".  Read more at CYBERGRASS
It was originally written by Fran Kent and also appears on the Menard's retailers Holiday CD.
It is now available on Airplay Direct along with other of the Urban Monroes Christmas singles.

We were #1 on the Roots Music Top 50 Bluegrass Chart this week and again we are so grateful to those DJ's who are playing our music.

Our long time Fiddle Friend Annie Staninec has been in the studio recording with us for the last couple of weeks. She is awesome!

We are excited to let you know that we will be on the Mountain Folk Show in December. Mountain Folk is produced in Pennsylvania near the beautiful  and beloved Poconos Mountains.
Special thanks to Bob Cherry at Cybergrass for sharing our news!

Thanking Gentleman Jim from World Wide Bluegrass for playing the Urban Monroes on Bluegrass in the BASSment.

-We have a new Facebook Page at
-Also Join us on Twitter at
-We are in the Top 5 on the Global Bluegrass Chart at Airplay Direct
-We are also in the Top 5 on the Bluegrass Chart at Roots Music Report!
**We thank the DJ's profusely for playing our music**
-We are releasing a Christmas EP at Airplay Direct called the 5 Strings of Christmas.
-Halloween is coming...YAY!!!! This is the official start of the Candy and Cookie Holidays. You love chocolate you know you do!

-We are in Direct Buzz Magazine from Airplay Direct because we are in the Top Artists ,Top 10 Bluegrass chart and Top Albums Chart

We are #2 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart this week

#3 on the APD Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart. Thank you Dj's!

Please join us at Would love to connect with you there.

Had a great time at the Dam Jam in Utah and now off  to Centralia, Washington

We are #3 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart for the nation

and #1 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Music Chart in all genres for the region.

In Utah at the Dam Jam picking and having a great time visiting with old friends

We  opened up the Mountain Folk TV Show from Pennsylvania. Thanks to Eastside Dave for having us.
view at the following  LINK
  Starts off with a little Ralph Stanley, some Bill Monroe and we come on after that

"...the band is high-energy, a fusion of the traditional and contemporary, like their name."
-Janet Davis Music

Please join us at Twitter

We are #1 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart for the fourth consecutive week

Here is an article in Music News Nashville about the Urban Monroes

We are #1 on the APD Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart

We are #1 on the Roots Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart

New Video- You Don't Have To Move That Mountain

Excerpts from a review by Janet Davis Music

"Once I heard them, I knew we should help them get to the top."
-Janet Davis Music

 "...the band is high-energy, a fusion of the traditional and contemporary, like their name."

-Janet Davis Music

"Their CD, Pavement and Pathways ranges from beautiful original tunes like When The Aspens Turn to exciting versions of Bluegrass staples like Fireball Mail, Old Joe Clark, and Wheel Hoss."

-Janet Davis Music

Looks like the new Acoustic Rainbow Sampler is out and we have a track on it entitled "Never My Love". That track is from the CD Appaloosa Daydream and four cuts from the CD are available at Airplay Direct.

Salt Creek performed in a special duo set at Powers Auditorium

We are # 1 on the APD Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart


We gave a special vocal/guitar/banjo performance of Little Maggie at Powers Auditorium and had a wonderful time. Here is a clip of that special night.  Don't forget to turn off the music player on the right side of the page first though;)

Meet Athena: She came back from the National Fiddle Championship and is the newest member of the Urban Monroes. She is an unspeakably gorgeous piece of craftsmanship and art via Docs Banjos

We are in  Weiser, Idaho at the National Fiddle Championship. Having a great time playing, hanging with old friends and eating biscuits and gravy.

It's June and it's really starting to look and feel like summer around here. That means we can play music outside again without the need to make jokes about which instruments can and can't be used as flotation devices.

Again this week we want to thank all the DJ's that spun UM's cuts this week.

If you haven't had a chance to do so, you can stop in at Janet Davis Music where our CD Pavement and Pathways is still on their front page. You can order that Martin HD-28 and pick up the CD all in one quick cyber stop!

We are preparing for a trek across the arid plains of the Columbia and Oregon's high desert on a musical foray which is still a week away. These things take planning. When Lewis and Clark did it, they apparently forgot all kinds of important stuff, like the cell phone charger. There's not a record of them making a single call the entire time they were gone.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

In this week's Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart, the Urban Monroes have reached #3. Now that's the way to kick off the weekend! As always, our many thanks go out to the DJs who included the band in their playlists.  THANK YOU!!!

We are #4 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart. We like that very much! Thanks so much to the wonderful DJ's including us in their shows! We are grateful to you!

The Acoustic Rainbow Radio Sampler is about to be mailed out to 1200 dj's world -wide from Kentucky's Poetman Records. We are proud to be on that release and have a corresponding new CD to go along with it. DJ's let us know if you want a copy.

Please tune in to Bluegrass in the BASSment on Saturdays 10 pm-1AM ET with Gentlaman Jim on World Wide Bluegrass. We are usually in the chatroom. It's such a great show and so much fun.

A New Recent Review:

"Love it!  Well done!  Great singing and playing!"830AM WEEU Radio- Eastside Dave
Thank you Dave!

For over 30 years the Mountain Folk TV show has been airing in one form or another out of Pennsylvania. Calling itself the home for bluegrass, folk, old-time, acoustic, outdoor and mountain music, the Mountain Folk show asked to add the Urban Monroes' music to their mix. We were happy to oblige and are excited about being included in the show. We'll have more details posted about Mountain Folk TV here in the UM newsfeed. Of course, it's always nice to be on TV, especially when you don't have to worry about stepping on the blu-ray player.

We have been on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart  since the middle of April. Many thanks to the DJ's playing our music! We appreciate you so much

We are very honored to be on among Derek's Finds at Janet Davis Music. For years several members of the band have been buying bluegrass CD's, special picks and instrument related equipment from these Bluegrass Specialists! They didn't know that. We just went there because it was the best place to get the music we wanted. So we are very honored to be featured on the front page today at Janet Davis Music and we thank them greatly!

Thanking Gentleman Jim for having us on "Bluegrass in the BASSment" on World Wide Bluegrass last Saturday . Tune in on Saturdays
at 10pm -1am Eastern Time. We are often in the chatroom at around 9pm Pacific time. Join us there. It's always a lot of funListen to Bluegrass in the BASSment on Thursday afternoons as well. Great show...Great fun. 

We are #6 on the Roots Report Top 50 Bluegrass chart this week at the following url.

Profound thanks to the DJ's for including us in their playlist

-Thanking Gentleman Jim for having us on the show on Saturday. We had so much fun in the chat room.

A Few Recent Fan Reviews From Reverbnation:

I love your  ‘Never My Love!’” 

“Simply amazing!”

Fabulous music and outstanding vocals. You gave us the chills.”

"Never My Love" is a beautiful song!!”

”Love your music. I fanned you. Smokin’ hot here...Love your energy....!!! ♫。 ♪。 ♫。”

”Enjoying the talented musicianship here. Beautiful vocals and harmonies-“

More tremendous surprises today include the review we found at KWMV. We  thank this station  very much  for playing our music and including us in their reviews.

We are now on our way to 700 subscribers at YouTube. We hope you will join us there as well.

A Few  YouTube Fan Reviews:

"Wow, What a beautiful Version, and incredible musicianship! Love your vocal performance!"

"So beautiful wish I had half the talent in my fingers as you do and wow a voice of an angel I'll be keeping my ears open for you guys stay safe, stay strong "

"You guys are so awesome! You play beautifully!"
We are so grateful to our fans and friends. Thank you so much

The Urban Monroes have had 3000 DJ downloads at If you are a DJ, you can download our music there, or you can contact us directly.

Thanking our friend Gentleman Jim  from  Bluegrass in the BASSment on WWB for playing us on the show. Jim has been playing us on his show since 2008 so we all decided that we needed to have Jim become an UM. Jim plays bass on our new single "Never My Love" and other cuts on our upcoming CD Appaloosa Daydream
. We love Jim!
Thanking all of the Soundclick DJ's for playing us. We are grateful for your sharing us with your fans.

Thanking Gentleman Jim for playing two of our cuts last night on his show, Bluegrass in the BASSment on Worldwide Bluegrass! We also thank Lee Michael Demsey for having us on his WAMU show Saturday morning.  Thank you too to Lili for surprising us and playing our new single on the Bluegrass Review  as well as on the Folk Festival on WDCB.  We are honored be a part of the these great shows and could never thank the DJ's enough for having us. The work they do is a labor of love, but it's still very hard work...and takes so much dedication and commitment.

We also wish to thank Vonne's Music Showcase for playing and featuring our music at Soundclick. So greatly appreciated!

We are happy to announce that our music is now available at Janet Davis Music

The subscriber count at our  Youtube page is nearing 600. We hope you'll join us too!

In the coming week, we will be posting a new CD review from a wonderful station in Colorado. More details will be posted along with the review.  We had no idea they even did reviews. It was a great surprise!

Please tune into the Folk Festival on WDCB Public Radio in Glen Elyn/Chicaco  tonight 3/19. Their pledge drive is going and they will be playing our new single Never My Love.   

Please tune in to the Lee Michael Demsey Show on Saturday 3/23 at 11AM Eastern Time to hear the Urban Monroes. He will be playing our latest single along with a host of other fabulous music. Follow the above link for more details.

On Wednesday 3/20 tune in to the Blue Ridge Express  with Linda Axman at 7:30 PM Eastern Time on CKWR. Broadcasting out of Ontario Canada (rather than Ontario, Oregon...), she will be spinning our latest single on her Canadian flavored bluegrass show.

We are proud to have our music available at Janet Davis Music. They are "the" one stop store for bluegrass "anything" it seems.  They are a highly reliable and prompt business focused on the music you love "Bluegrass".  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Pavement and Pathways please click on the following LINK  or copy and paste into your browser:
if you don't want to view the page in this frame. :)

Reviews of Pavement and Pathways

"Passionately executed high flying fun"- the Oregonian

"Bluegrass in all-wheel drive"- the Register Guard
"With a panoramic view through inspiring originals and a driving rootsy style unrelentingly their own, Pavement and Pathways is a joyride down the Appalachian Trail's fast lane. "  The Fireball Mail


We have new music at Airplay Direct. The final cuts of "Never My Love" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky" are currently there. They are on our upcoming CD Appaloosa Daydream which we expect to have out very soon...weeks.

We just got our 500th subscriber at Youtube. Time for a piece of chocolate cake!:)  We hope you'll connect with us there as well. and we thank all of those who have already subscribed.

Our music will be available at Janet Davis Music in the coming days. We will provide links on our CD order page and  here in our news feed. Here is the New Release link they have for us. We buy everything bluegrass from Janet Davis Music. Everything from CD's to Banjo picks. It's a wonderful place.

We are on the Nashville DJ Showcase list again. Thank you to the wonderful dj's playing our music. They are awesome people whose work is un-ending. Thank you!

Gentleman Jim played the Urban Monroes tonight on World Wide Bluegrass (largest internet bluegrass station in the world) and we thank him profusely. Tune in to his show Bluegrass in the BASSment on Thursdays and Saturdays. It's tremendous!

Weekend Fan Mail

"Hi Urban Monroes..I think the Great Bill Monroe is smiling down on your
I love & enjoyed all of your songs and added Time of my Life on my Vonee
Showcase Station.
(We appreciate it so much Vonee. Thank you)

Thanking Evan (fiddle player for  the Radio Ramblers for engineering the studio work which Jim Chatfield did for us. Jim (WWB DJ) is also an amazing bass player. He joined us on the songs "Never My Love" and "Wheel Hoss" which will be on our new CD to released soon "Appaloosa Daydream".  

Thanking Lee Michael Demsey for playing "Never My Love " on WAMU's Bluegrass Country 

Our blog is updated at blogspot
We have a new music video "28 Seconds of Adrenaline"  It takes only 28 seconds of your time:) to watch and is posted just above all of this

To Read about our new single "Never My Love" head to  Music News Nashville at the following LINK

We were featured on the World's largest bluegrass station World Wide Bluegrass last night and had a delightful time in the chat room with Gentleman Jim the host of Bluegrass in the BASSment. We are always so honored to be on his show. 

We have some new live show audio posted in the players on our page at Hope you'll come by and listen

We are on Nashville dj showcase this week. We thank the wonderful dj's who played us on their shows

The Urban Monroes are on the Forward Roll Bluegrass Show this week. Hope you'll tune in!

Please join us at ReverNation and YouTube

A Few Fan Reviews from our network sites from the last several days

I love your  ‘Never My Love!’” 

“Simply amazing!”

Fabulous music and outstanding vocals. You gave us the chills.”

"Never My Love" is a beautiful song!!”

”Love your music. I fanned you. Smokin’ hot here...Love your energy....!!! ♫。 ♪。 ♫。”

”Enjoying the talented musicianship here. Beautiful vocals and harmonies-“

”Great music Love your Never MY Love!”

-We are on the European Top 40 and Top 200 Countdown chart for 2012. Thanks to those great DJ's playing our music. We are honored to be included in the European Bluegrass Community of dj's and listeners.

We are on the APD ALL TIME Bluegrass Top 50 Chart with 2600 dj downloads. Thanks to all of those great DJ's playing our music.They are Beautiful people!

-Thanks to the Rhythm n Roots show for having us on again recently. We are grateful to them over the last couple of years for their support.

-Please tune in to Bluegrass on the Hill with Jeanie Evans who has been playing us for the last several years. We appreciate it so much.

-Thanks to Bluegrass Planet Earth and WAMU for the many spins.



-Thanking our friends at WYSO for playing us on the show.  Also thanking GotRadio Sacramento and the Addicted to Bluegrass Show in Chicago for playing the Urban Monroes practically every day for the last couple of years. We sure do appreciate the great folks who are the dj's that work so hard promoting bluegrass.  We are honored to be on these wonderful shows. Also tune into Golden Country Radio at Gotradio to hear us in the playlist..

-We are on the Fireball Mail's Best of 2012.

-Our Email sign-up is maxed out at Reverb Nation. If you wish to be on our list to receive our updates send a message to

-Pinterest is a happy place. It's like McDonald's in that regard. Except there's no food, no partially-hydrogenated oil and no big clown guy running around. Okay so it's not that much like McDonald's, but it's still a happy place. Here's the url for our bulletin board where we pin our posters and ads. We add new stuff all of the time.

- For some reason our Myspace page is getting hundreds of hits a day. If anyone knows why please drop us a line :)


-Thanking our friends at Stardust Nashville Showcase for featuring all of our Christmas cuts on the show throughout the Holidays.

-Tune into the "Under Country".  In the coming days they will be featuring our track "Fireball Mail" from
Pavement and Pathways. Many thanks to Neil for having us

-Join us at the New Myspace at  It's really fun. We like this network a lot. It's easy to connect and easy to interpret. It's streamline an beautiful to look at.  

Thanking our friends at KASU for playing the Urban Monroes.


Please Come to our new Pinterest Board. Copy and paste the url in to your browser

A few recaps from a wonderful year. First we thank Gentleman Jim for playing the Urban Monroes on Saturday's show and on every show since 2008. We are so grateful to Jim.

Welcome to 2013....It's almost here! We sure hope that everyone is continuing to enjoy the Holidays

The more you share it, the longer it lasts.

Our bluegrass Christmas release has been jingling all the way.
Here are a few of the chimneys it has slid down:

-APD All Time Global Bluegrass Chart (2662 DJ downloads)
-APD Global Bluegrass Top 50 November and December
-Fireball Mail Sizzling Top 10 Bluegrass Singles Chart November and December
-#2 on The Mistletoe Top 10 Christmas Countdown December

Special thanks to to following DJ's and shows
- Spintron Christmas playlist
- The Mountain Folk Show Christmas Special
- Bluegrass in the BASSment WWB
- Bluegrass World Traditional Ties
- GotRadio Sacramento
- Addicted to Bluegrass Chicago
- TwangCity Oakland
- Hillbilly Rockhouse
- DownHome Playlist
- Country Festival

Please Come to our new Pinterest Board. Copy and paste the url in to your browser

-We had an amazing time at the University of Idaho. Awesome folks and an awesome town.
-We are again on the Fireball Mail Sizzling Top 10  Bluegrass Singles chart for December as well as on the APD Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart.
-We have another single coming out that will be released around Dec 11 plus a single released on Kentucky's Poetman Records Bluegrass Sampler in the coming months for distribution to1000 radio stations.
-Many thanks to all of the DJ's that play the Urban Monroes. We appreciate it very much.
-We hope that everyone is enjoying this wonderful season!

With 2517 DJ downloads we are in the APD All Time Top 50 Bluegrass Chart
as well as in the Top 10 on the Bluegrass Albums Chart with our new Christmas Single Hark The Herald Angels Sing

Urban Monroes are #1 in the Fireball Mail Sizzling Top 10 Bluegrass Singles Chart

-F.O.B (Fans of  Bluegrass)- we will be in the main ball room at University of Idaho on the 27th  at 8 pm.  Hope to see you there.
-Join us on World Wide Bluegrass Bluegrass in the Bassment
-Stay tuned to the Mountain Folk Show in PA for their Holiday program which we are a part of. Thanks for tuning in

Just like THAT the Holidays are here and to go with the joyous season we have a NEW Christmas bluegrass single written sometime in the 1700's when Bill Monroe was just a baby! It was released on November 12 and is available to DJ's right now at Airplay Direct.

-We are #1 on the Fireball Mail Top 10 Sizzling Bluegrass Singles. Thanks! It's always nice to be in the F.B.M.T.T.S.B.S!
-We were featured at the Music Initiative in South Carolina! Thank you M.I.
-Thanks and more thanks to the kind people at World Wide Bluegrass, Bluegrass Planet Earth, WAMU, Bluegrass on the Hill, Got Radio Sacramento, Golden Country Song Radio, Country Festival Radio, Wyoming Public Radio, WGCS and the Acoustic Revival for the many spins.

We are in the Top 50 Global Bluegrass Albums Chart for November. We are also in the All Time Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart and in the Top Albums Today

Matt during an Urban Monroes show, a full house at the Opry in Eugene.

Annie recording in November for new single

Urban Monroes performing in a pleasantly packed theater in Lincoln City

Another one from the Performing Arts Center in Lincoln City,  Can you tell we're smiling?

Sept 14, 2012

-We are featured in Portland Talent Magazine.  Thank you to PTM

-Thanks to Bluegrass Planet Earth for the spins and always to World Wide Bluegrass and Gentleman Jim

-We had a wonderful time at Emerald Valley Opry! Always so much fun...great people. Extending our deep thanks to all of those who came out.. A packed full auditorium is always a blast to play to.

-Thanks to GotRadio Sacramento and Chicago for playing the Urban Monroes contstantly for the last couple of years. We always enjoy tuning in! They play a great variety of bluegrass.that we are always proud to be a part of.

--Buy Pavement and Pathways HERE

September 6th, 2012
-Join us at Powers Auditorium on Sept 8th for an exciting evening of music. It's always fun. Hope to see you

September 5th, 2012
  -Read about Pavement and Pathways  HERE

Sept 1, 2012

-Fall is on the way. What a wonderful Summer it has been. Going to miss it but love to watch the leaves turn!

-Thanking our friends at WAMU Radio! We appreciate it so very much!

--Buy Pavement and Pathways HERE

August 30, 2012
-Join us at Emerald Valley Opry on Sept 8. It will be jammed full of people that love music. So come on out. It's always exciting

--Buy Pavement and Pathways HERE

August 25, 2012

-Read about Pavement and Pathways  HERE

August 20, 2012

-Thanking Gentleman Jim for featuring us on Saturday's show on World Wide Bluegrass with two cuts from our latest release.

-Had a tremendous time at the RockPort Dam Jam in Utah

-Please join us September 8th at the Powers Auditorium in Eugene. The theater will be packed and it will be a blast. Hope to see you there!

--Buy Pavement and Pathways HERE

August 10, 2012

Thanking World Wide Bluegrass, WAMU, Bluegrass Planet Earth and WGCS for the spins

August 6, 2012

We played the Lincoln City Performing Arts Center Saturday night. A perfect day to be at the coast : 67 degrees as opposed to 100 degrees in Portland. Advance ticket sales were great and then the room sold out past capacity and chairs had to be brought in to accommodate everyone. The crowd was wonderful and we all had a fantastic time. 

August 4, 2012

"A rockin' bluegrass trio" - KPTV

July 30th

Hope you can join us for two hours of bluegrass with the Urban Monroes on the beautiful Oregon Coast at the Lincoln City Performing Arts Center off  HWY 101 Saturday August 4th 7-9 PM 

-Thanking our friends at WAMU for featuring our music!

-We have a new single which will be serviced to bluegrass radio on AR Bluegrass Sampler 3.

-Buy Pavement and Pathways  HERE

July 23, 2012

-Join us on July 24th at Eastside Bluegrass Concert Series.

-Just letting you know that our email sign-up at ReverbNation is maxed out.
If you wish to sign up to receive updates please click THIS link and add :"sign me up to the list"
in the subject field.

July 4, 2012
Happy Independence Day! Hope everyone has an amazing Holiday.. May you be able to differentiate your barbecue burgers from your barbecue briquettes

-Read about Pavement and Pathways  HERE

-Buy Pavement and Pathways  HERE

-Fan Review for Pavement and Pathways from CD Baby:
"Some of the tastiest sounds and most compelling singing around;
 one listen, your ears will love you forever. (+ the pace of most of these gems would make speed metal bands jealous ...
" O.P.S

-We are on the Fireball Mail Top 20 Bluegrass Singles for June

July 2, 2012
Please tune in to the Wall to Wall Bluegrass Show on World Wide Bluegrass on July 2nd at 5PM PST. They will be featuring our music. We will be in the chat room at 7Pm PST. Join us there or just tune in. You can stream it live at the  WWB site

-We are releasing another single on AR Bluegrass #3. This will be our fourth single release on Kentucky's Poetman Records. Read more at Mountain Sky Media

-Join us on July 24th at Eastside Bluegrass Concert Series.

-We are on the Fireball Mail Top 20 Bluegrass for June

June 3, 2012

-We are in the  Fireball Mail May Top 10 Sizzling Bluegrass Singles chart

-We were on the Blue Plate Special show and we thank them for having us.

-Thanking  Bluegrass on the Hill, the Bluegrass Special, The Bluegrass Ramble and our friends at Spintron for the spins!

-We are on the All Time APD Global Bluegrass Top 50 Chart

-Thanking New Folk Radio for featuring our music. How grateful we are. More news regarding the Urban Monroes and NFR soon.

-We are grateful to all of the DJ's who play our music. We could never express our thanks enough.

May 29th, 2012

Read about Pavement and Pathways  HERE


-Read about Pavement and Pathways  HERE

May 26, 2012

Urban Monroes CD Pavement and Pathways  was nominated for the Best of Portland awards

May 21, 2012

Had a wonderful time playing in California. Tucked away among our shows through Oregon and California, was a stop in Crescent City where we had the honor of playing the reception for the union of two remarkable people, both of whom just happen to be attack pilots. U.S Army Captain Michelle is an Apache helicopter pilot, and U.S. Air Force Captain Aaron is an Air Force A-10 pilot. Who ever said the different branches of the military couldn't get along? The joint mission these two war veterans have embarked upon seems to be off to a magnificent start. The UM's wish Capt. & Capt. all the best! These are great people who have performed a great service and held an event that was great fun!

We are #1 locally, nationally and globally on the Bluegrass Charts at Reverb Nation.  Thank you  to all of those who have connected with us there and shared us on your Facebook

We also have a few special broadcast "thank yous" we'd like to say thanks to: Gentleman Jim and WWWB, Jeanie Evans and  KRSC, WDRT the Newgrass show for spinning the Urban Monroes, WOBC-RadioActivity, Bluegrass Radio Sacramento, Bluegrass Radio Chicago,Real Kentucky Radio, Mostly Folk Show, Ranch Breakfast WPR, Honkytonks and Heartaches, Classic Tracks Radio, Country Bear  Radio, WAMU, Bluegrass Planet  Earth  and World Wide Bluegrass in general.                                                                          

May 17 2012

 We are #1 locally, nationally and globally on the Bluegrass Charts at Reverb Nation.  Thank you  to all of those who have connected with us there and shared us on your Facebook.

Thanking Planet Bluegrass, WYOX, Worldwide Bluegrass and Gentleman Jim, Bluegrass Radio in Sacramento, Chicago,  D.C., and Europe for playing the Urban M onroes.

With deep appreciation we thank Jeanie Evans and Bluegrass on the Hill on  KRSC  for her constant support of the Urban Monroes over the last several years. How grateful we are to her.


May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

We are in the DownHome Den Weekly Top 10 with our song Black Hole.
Thanking Gentleman Jim and Bluegrass in the Bassment for playing the Urban Monroes.
Thanking CMR Nashville Radio for spinning the Urban Monroes.
Thanking Rhythm and Roots for having us on the show.
We are in hard rotation on Bluegrass Radio Germany, Sacramento,
Chicago and Washington DC

Thanking Bluegrass Etc...for the many spins.
We deeply appreciate every DJ playing the Urban Monroes for their hard work and dedication

Please also join us at YouTube

April 25, 2012

“Honest like a hard day’s work and tasty like a cold beverage at  the end of that day” - The Colombian

Thanking WAMU Bluegrass Radio for playing the Urban Monroes

April 24, 2012

“Passionately executed, high flying fun” -The Oregonian

Please also join us at Reverbnation:

Thanking Gentleman Jim for playing the Urban Monroes on Bluegrass in the Bassment.

Thanking Festival Radio and Bluegrass Etc... for the spins.

Thanking Bluegrass Radio in Sacramento and Chicago for playing the Urban M onroes in hard rotation

We so greatly appreciate all of the dj's that play our music. Thank you

April 11, 2012

We are in KZSU's Top 20 Bluegrass Chart for April

We thank the Bluegrass for playing the Urban Monroes.

We are in hard rotation on Bluegrass Radio Sacramento and Chicago.

We also thank Planet Bluegrass and World Wide Bluegrass for spinning us.

Favorite April Fan Review:

"Some of the tastiest sounds and most compelling singing around;
 one listen, your ears will love you forever. (+ the pace of most of these gems would make speed metal bands jealous ...
" O.P.S

April 4, 2012

-Please join us at YouTube

-Some new performance videos to check out

-Little Maggie March 2012- Powers Auditorium

-John Hardy and the Baby Elephant Walk-PNW Festival

-Salt Creek at Powers Auditorium  March 2012

-High on A Mountain Top- Birdfest

-We have a new song going Kentucky's Poetman Records Radio Sampler .
-We are in the Neon Spotlight on the Bluegrass Delux Radio Show. We thank them for having us

-In February and March we were in the KSVX Top 30 and Top 10 on the bluegrass show.- Many thanks to them for playing the Urban Monroes


March 8, 2012

We are in the APD Global Top 50 Bluegrass Albums Chart as well as the APD All -Time Top 50  Bluegrass Albums Chart.

 We have some exciting news coming regarding the release of new Urban Monroes music. Please stay tuned.

March 6, 2012

We are on the Fireball Mail  Sizzling Top 20 Bluegrass Singles Chart. Thanks to all of those great DJ's playing our music. We so greatly appreciate you.

March 5, 2012

We are in the artist spotlight at WVGN. We thank them very much for sharing our music with their audience.

March 3, 2012

We played to a packed Powers Auditorium in Eugene for the Emerald Valley Opry and had a wonderful time. Those folks are always wonderful. Thanks to everyone who came out and to the hard work of the people putting on the show.

Feb 20, 2012,

Our February Blog is up

Join us on March 3rd at the Opry

Feb 16, 2012

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We received some news sweet enough to put on one of those little heart-shaped candies regarding the release of more new Urban Monroes music. We will be sharing that with you in the coming days. Stay tuned and check your confections for updates.

In February, we are in hot rotation on CFBX and have received numerous playlists from so many wonderful stations. We could never thank them enough. Please tune into World Wide Bluegrass on Thursdays and Saturdays to hear us on Bluegrass in the BASSment.

Feb 1, 2012

Happy Ground Hog Day!  We are #1 in the Weekly Voted Top 10  chart at the Down Home Den and are still in hot rotation at CFBX. We thank the DJ's in Europe for playing us on their shows and Bluegrass Music Profiles for the video coverage on our song "When the Aspens Turn" as well as the European Bluegrass Blog posts on our music.  As always, we thank Gentleman Jim on World Wide Bluegrass for including us in his shows which air on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Jan 17, 2012

Pavement and Pathways is on the Top Albums of 2011 Chart for FolkDJ Org. It was based on over 162,000 spins...whew! that's a lot of compiling.

We are currently in the Top 5 of the APD Global Bluegrass Top 50 Chart. We are also in the singles chart with our new rlease " Lamp in the Window" and on the "All Time" Global Bluegrass Top 50 Chart.

Thanking KRSC, Peelgrass, Spintron, WYSO, WWB, The Bluegrass Ramble and Bill Knowlton and so many others for playing the Urban Monroes

The ECMA (European Country Music Association) Archangel Michael for spinning our new single Lamp in the Window

Jan 12, 2012

Here is an article in Music News Nashville about our recent single release entitled " Lamp in the Window"

We are in the Bluegrass Special Top 20 in 2011 Roundup. We thank the DJ's that are playing our music. We are grateful!

January 7, 2012

Please  tune into the Bluegrass Ramble with Bill Knowlton to hear our new single "Lamp in the Window."

We want to thank WYSO for including our Holiday  singles on the Christmas Eve show and Peelgrass and the Nashville DJ Playlist Showcase for playing the Urban Monroes and for the posts.

We are in high rotation at CFBX again. Thanking them for the spins which are so greatly appreciated.

Please tune in to World Wide Bluegrass and Bluegrass in the BASSment on Thursdays and Saturdays to hear the Urban Monroes.
We are still in the Top 50 Global Bluegrass Album Chart  at APD.

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope your Holidays were exceptionally stunning!
We have a new song that we just released . It's an original called "Lamp in the Window". Tune into Gentleman Jim's shows on World Wide Bluegrass and you will hear it and other Urban Monroes songs.

Dec 19, 2011

Thanking Gentleman Jim and World Wide Bluegrass for playing the Urban Monroes on Saturday's show. The Christmas show is this Thursday so please tune in. Our Christmas single is in the Top 5 on the APD Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart.  We entered onto the APD All Time Top 50 Bluegrass Chart with 1476 downloads. Thanks to those DJ's for playing our music. We are #1 on the Weekly Top 10 on the DownHome Den and have two songs on the Fireball Mail Top 20 Bluegrass Singles Chart.  We would like to wish every one a very Merry Christmas
. Thanks for a wonderful season of bluegrass!

Dec 16, 2011

We are #1 on the Weekly Top 10 Voted Songs on the Down Home Den. Thanks so much to the DHD and the listeners supporting the Urban Monroes

Dec 12, 2011

Thanking Gentleman Jim and World Wide Bluegrass for playing our new Christmas singles on World Wide Bluegrass on Saturday night. Tune into his show on Thursday and Saturday to hear that and more by the Urban Monroes.
   Nov 30th we had the #1 album in all genres at Airplay Direct. 

Dec 8, 2011

Listen in to Highway 61 with Massimo Ferro to hear our new Christmas single.

Dec 4, 2011

On Nov 30th our new singles were # 3 and #5 in ALL genres at Airplay Direct
Many thanks to the DJ's playing the Urban Monroes!

Dec 2, 2011

It's official. On November 30th, the Urban Monroes had the #1 Album in all genres at Airplay Direct.
 The band would like to thank all of the dj's playing our music!

Nov 28, 2011

We released two bluegrass Holiday singles on the 22nd of November. On Nov 28 we are in the Top 10 on the APD All Genres Albums Chart and are on the Top 50 Bluegrass Albums Chart.

Please tune into Gentleman Jim's Show on World Wide Bluegrass on Thursday and Saturday nights to hear our new Holiday single and other songs by the Urban Monroes.

Nov  22, 2011

Please tune in to 1670 AM  Dewberry Jam or stream it live at  on Wednesday night at:
9 to 11 (Central)

10 to 12 midnight (Eastern)
7 to 9 (Pacific)  
to hear us on "Real Fine Tunes for Real Fine Folks. 

Nov 14th, 2011

We are on the APD Top 50 Global Bluegrass Chart with several cuts from Pavement and Pathways. We are also in the Fireball Mail Top 20 Bluegrass singles chart.

Video of the Urban Monroes performing "When The Aspens Turn"

Nov 9, 2011

Here is our November Blog at  Blogspot

Nov 8, 2011

We are #4 on the Fireball Mail Top 20 Bluegrass Singles Chart. Many thanks you to the DJ's playing our music!

Photo by Eric Frommer

Oct 25, 2011

Photo by Eric Frommer at the Old Liberty Theater

Oct 12, 2011
Some recent fan mail-

"You were AWESOME at Birdfest! What a GREAT show!!! Can't wait to hear you again!"-Sandy

"I caught “Time of Your Life” on KBCS last night and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I’m planning on catching you @ Salmon Days and anticipate purchasing your CD." -  Kevin
"Dear Urban Monroes,
Thank you for your music. I heard your "Secret Agent Man" on KVMR and had to have it! The CD is very good!" When you're in Sacramento I'd really enjoy seeing your show"- Jim

Oct 6, 2011

Please join us Oct 8th at 8pm at the Old Liberty Theater in Ridgefiled Washington for "Bluegrass at Birdfest!"  It's blast ...lots of bands...tons of fun!  Read about it  HERE

Sept 22, 2011

We are releasing a new single. Here is an article about it in Music News Nashville

Sept 20, 2011

"Pavement and Pathways, the Urban Monroes' second CD, rolls down the band's backwoods super-highway on a tour of bluegrass' rural roots and modern skylines; a stretch of road where Old Joe Clark and Secret Agent Man merge from the same onramp. The vehicle that drives Pavement and Pathways is an adroit arranging ability fortified with a divine pairing of sublime voices and precision picking.  Navigating that pavement and those pathways, the Urban Monroes put an added twist into every mile of the excursion, taking the most scenic route at every opportunity and seeking the adventure in every song.  With a panoramic view through inspiring originals and a driving rootsy style unrelentingly their own, Pavement and Pathways is a joyride down the Appalachian Trail's fast lane."  The Fireball Mail

Sept 19, 2011

Urban Monroes are on the Fireball Mail Bluegrass Top 20.

We thank those DJ's for playing our music and for their support of bluegrass in general. They are amazing people!

Sept 16, 2011

"Urban Monroes Flying into Fall at the Historic Old Liberty Theater" ------>To Read article Click  HERE

Sept 2, 2011

Our latest CD Pavement and Pathways can be purchased at iTunes, Rhapsody and CD Baby.  For a  physical CD click HERE

August 22, 2011

Here is an article at Cybergrass about the Urban Monroes

The link below goes to an article in Music News Nashville about an upcoming show we are playing." Two Days and 100,000 People Jammin' with Salmon"  Music News Nashville

Aug 14, 2011

This month we are again on the Folk and Bluegrass DJ's "most played bands" chart . We sure do like being there!

We also received a very shiny magazine in the mail from Nashville TN showing that we moved up nine spots on the Top 35 Bluegrass Chart in Powersource with our latest Single "You Don't Have to Move that Mountain"

Thanks to the wonderful DJ's playing our music

Fan Review: "...the music itself is like a portal to another world... It's hard to explain, but really well-done bluegrass always makes me feel like this. "

Fan Review: "This reminds me of the music I was raised on. It brings back wonderful memories of another time... Her voice, those guitars and banjos, the way they're used for percussion as well as playing, I like pretty much everything. "

July 23, 2011

Here's an article at Music News Nashville with Urban Monroes News Click Here

Our most recent single "You Don't Have To Move That Mountain" is on the Top 35 Bluegrass Chart in Powersource Magazine

July 21, 2011
  Here's a new article on the Urban Monroes at the Bluegrass Music News Network   Read Here

July 18, 2011

"I received the new CD today and all I can say is WOW!! Every song is great!"-Jim Chatfield World Wide Bluegrass

Review from Blue Jam Magazine "Pavement and Pathways, the band's second full length CD travels across 38 minutes of high flying, energetically infused bluegrass that spans the gamut from powerful original vocal beauties like "Hole in My Heart" to the adventurous instrumental arrangement of Old Joe Clark and the picturesque "When the Aspens Turn". Read More

Click Here for Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News Network article on Clatskanie Bluegrass Festival

July 12, 2011

Event Listing on Clatskanie Bluegrass Festival

DJ reviews for Pavement and Pathways July:

"Nice Work!"- KRCC
"The CD Sounds GREAT"-CHRW
"Great CD!" -WMSR Radio
"You Sound Great"-KBVL

Urban Monroes Newest CD release "Pavement and Pathways" appeared on the following charts in July
Top 50 Bluegrass APD Global Chart
Top Artists Folk Music Chart Folk DJ Org
Top 50 Bluegrass Roots Music Report Chart
Top 50 Albums All Genres ADP Chart

Click HERE to read our July Blog at Blogspot

July 4th. 2011

June has come and gone and we look back on a wonderful month. Our new CD "Pavement and Pathways" spent 3 consecutive weeks on the RMR Top 50 Bluegrass Chart and all four weeks in the Top 10 on the APD Global Bluegrass Albums Chart with seven singles in the Top 50 Bluegrass Singles chart. We were also in the APD Top 50 Albums for all genres in the last week and on the Top Artist of June Fok Music Airplay Chart: A very successful CD release! Besides that...Just got back from a great week at the festival in Weiser. We all needed showers ...badly!...and a lot of sleep!

Click HERE for Urban Monroes at Clatskanie Bluegrass Festival Event Listing. Also, for our schedule check below.

  The following is a list of recent shows playing our music that either sent us info, or that fans let us know they heard us on, or that we heard ourselves: Thanking, Pacific Pickin, KPVL-Yellowstone Public Radio, Sirius XM, Galaxy Radio, WGWG, KRSU, Bluegrass Mix,KRLC, WMNF WXCS,WKSU,WGLT,WAMC-Bluegrass Time, KCSN-Bluegrass Etc...,KVMR, CHRW,KAFM, the Bluegrass Ramble, WAMU-The Bluegrass Breakdown, Worldwide Bluegrass-Bluegrass in the Bassment,WNHU,Festival Radio,Radio Eagle-107-FM, WVGF, Peelgrass Radio, Daybreak in Dixie, KPFC, KXCV, Southern Style-PBS-106.7 FM, Hillbilly Rockhouse, CITR, WYSO, WMNF, Highway 61, KCSN, WUSB, ECMA, WNHU, WHFR, WNEC, CKUT,Inner-fm org, Mike Kears,WildmanSteve Radio, Backroads Bluegrass, Lonesome Pine RFD, The LION FM, KPDO, WSPN, GotRadio, Siskiyou Bluegrass Show, Hillbilly Rockhouse, WNHU,KXCV,KRNW.

It is impossible to know each station playing us and we know there are many. We extend our gratitude to all of you.
Thanks so much for playing the UM's! We greatly appreciate it! 

June 7,2011

Our new CD Pavement and Pathways
is #4 in the  APD Global Top  50 Bluegrass Albums Chart
We have 7 singles on the APD Global Top 50 Bluegrass Singles Chart
It is #2 on the  Washington Roots Report Chart
It is
in the National Top 50 Bluegrass Albums on the Roots Report Chart

May 27, 2011

We officially released Pavement and Pathways in May and the response couldn't have been better. We were in the top sellers at various outlets. We had three singles released from the album on Kentucky's Poetman Records. The singles were "You Don't Have To Move that Mountain", "When the Aspens Turn" and "Time of Your Life".  The CD showed up on many different charts and we appreciated all of the attention it got and the people who featured our music. We especially want to thank Gentleman Jim from World Wide Bluegrass who has been playing our music on every show, twice a week since 2008. We could never thank him enough for his support and friendship.  We selected the song "Secret Agent Man" and recorded it with Jim in mind. It's dedicated to him and his show Bluegrass in the BASSment. So when we got the following review from Backroads Bluegrass yesterday, it made us very happy:  "The piece de resistance was "Secret Agent Man".  What a great finish!!  I was speechless the entire time this project was playing." 

Some of the songs from the album were released
as singles in prior months in advance of the release of the full project and
the following are some of the charts that we have been on going back to October.
May Roots Chart

Here are some new reviews for Pavement and Pathways:

"With You Don't Have to Move that Mountain and Hole in My heart you have taken it to a whole new level"-Fan Review

"I love your voice and the soul in your sound" Lonesome Pine RFD /WAMU

"You have a great sound! I can't wait to share your music with my listeners" Jeanie at the Bluegrass Mix
 "...You then took a breath before burning the paint off the walls with "My Window Faces The South & Wheel Hoss".  Wow!!  I wish I had that much energy!! Building the crescendo even more you played "Old Joe Clark, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, & Fireball Mail".  The piece de resistance was "Secret Agent Man".  What a great finish!!   I was speechless the entire time this project was playing.  I played this project several times & I'm sure I haven't heard everything.  I keep finding different pockets of "goodies" that I haven't heard before. The instrumental work by the band was AWESOME...  I thoroughly enjoyed the project & I can't wait to share it with my listeners.  This project will be getting a lot of airplay...  It was worth the wait!!
Backroads Bluegrass     

We want to let DJ's know that if you haven't received the CD yet, we also have singles from Pavement and Pathways released on Poetman AR Volume 35 (When the Aspens Turn) and Volume 33 (Time of Your Life). You might have those in your library.

Read the Pavement and Pathways Press Release at Bluegrass Music Profiles.

Pavement and Pathways has been shipped to dj's and should either be there already or is on its way. Thanks to those many dj's who have received it and are spinning tracks from the album. We really appreciate it!

Thanks to Prescription Bluegrass and Bluegrass Music Profiles for posting our info.

April 29, 2011

We are on the April apd, Top 50 Global Bluegrass All Time Albums Chart

We are always so very grateful to the dj's playing the Urban Monroes. Thank you

Here's a playlists from the Nashville Showcase DJ Playlist  Board

April 25,2011

We are on the RMR Roots Chart in the Top 50 Bluegrass
We want to thank the many dj's who have played our music. DJ's are beautiful people!

April 9, 2011

"bluegrass makes up the biggest part of my show.  I love your track - such superb musicianship with a very distinctive sound. " WYN FM 
"My listeners keep asking for the cd that contained "You Don't Have to Move That Mountain". KCBL

"It is very good stuff indeed, very fresh and appealing approach to bluegrass!"  Highway 61

April 3, 2011
Click the link to read all of the details at our BLOG at Blogspot

We spent most of March in the Top 10 of the Top 50  APD Global Bluegrass Chart

Myspace Comment of the Week
"Hi, I just "discovered" you  on Reverbnation..I love the freshness of your BG."  Charles

March 22, 2011

Just what is OFOAM: Origami Fields Out Around Mars? Originally Found On A Meatloaf? You can find out at Cybergrass by clicking here. We'll be visiting the nice folks of OFOAM when we play the Ogden Music Festival. You should stop by and visit too if you get the chance.

March 18, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I hate trying to make the transition to Daylight Savings Time, so I've been setting my clock ahead two minutes every night and should be caught up by about April 11th. My short day leaves just just enough time to mention a couple of things. First, Poetman Records' Bluegrass Sampler is out and we've been getting some wonderful feedback from that. Second, APD has the Urban Monroes at #7 on their top 50 Global Bluegrass Chart. Those numbers are driven by DJs at stations like KALH, which has the band in high rotation, WAMU from whom we've received five playlists this week, and CFBX which has us in their top 30.  We would not take one breath without thanking WWB for all of the airplay they have given us. We're very grateful to all the stations and DJs playing the Urban Monroes as well as to everyone listening to the music. We added some new dates to the schedule and check our reviews. There are some updates there too.

I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

Feb 28, 2011

Hello Everyone,

In case you hadn't heard, the planet Pluto has been demoted in the Solar System's hierarchy of who's who among celestial bodies. The last time I checked, Pluto had been reclassified as a dwarf planet. In honor of that, I think the 28.25 day long February should also be reclassified as a dwarf month. It deserves special recognition for supporting President's Day, Valentine's Day, Washington's birthday, Lincoln's birthday, and Oregon's birthday all during its short span.

But even as the abbreviated month passes into history for another year, we managed to pack it full of UM-activity. For the month, tracks from our new CD Pavement and Pathways as well as tracks from our first release One Fret Makes a Difference put the band on the "All Time" APD Top 50 Global Bluegrass Albums Chart. Click here for February chart That made five straight months of charting there. Thanks to a lot of DJ's playing our music, in January we were on the Top 50 APD Global Bluegrass "Albums" Chart. We were there for the entire month just as we had been in December for our Christmas release. Earlier in October and November, we held the #1 spot on the Top 50 Global Bluegrass Albums Chart and the Top 50 Global Bluegrass Singles Charts. Click here for January chart We also managed to squeeze in having the CD of the Month at Country Festival Radio.

Looking forward, some things have already overlapped from the tightly packed February into the more spacious March. One of these is an article in Cybergrass magazine about our single release on Poetman Records/Acoustic Rainbow. It can be found by CLICKING HERE


And just in case you missed it, you can read our Artist of the Week interview in Bluegrass Music Profiles by clicking on the image


We hope everyone had a wonderful February full of chocolate candy and Federal holidays, but if your February wasn't the greatest... well, at least it goes by fast!

~the Urban Monroes

Jan 9, 2011

Urban Monroes' New Year's resolution: Tell everyone "Happy New Year!" So here we go... Happy New Year! Glad that's taken care of.

Here are just a few tidbits to start off 2011:

Country Festival Radio in The Netherlands has the Urban Monroes featured as their Album of the Month for January. That was a nice way to transition out of  December since the band was able to finish that month in the Top 10 Global Bluegrass Albums at APD. We've managed to remain there for three months. Thank you to the DJ's playing the Urban Monroes. One of the songs recently added there, our version of You Don't Have to Move That Mountain, will be on Poetman Records' premier bluegrass sampler, which comes out at the end of January. The sampler will also include cuts from the Grascals with Dolly Parton and Kathy Matea with the amazing Jens Kruger. I'm looking forward to hearing this CD myself. You can get a preview of that brand new UM's cut along with our other new tunes in our player at or The new songs feature Martin Stevens who is a recent addition to the Urban Monroes. Martin's playing is hot enough to melt tortise shell picks so it's a good thing you can get a chance to listen to him now during the cool winter months.

Dec 1,2010

Comment of the week:

"I've been listening to your songs on Myspace and I am truly hooked on your sound"
Andy T Fan review from Myspace

That was an excerpt from a wonderful letter that Andy wrote to the Urban Monroes.
Thank you Andy. We are so glad to meet you.

November was fun: In addition to having 4 singles from our new CD Pavement
and Pathways show up in the Top 50 Global Bluegrass Singles chart, we were
also at the Top of the chart for the Top  50 Global Bluegrass Albums.
We finished the month on the "Alltime" Top 50 Global Bluegrass Albums.

 Top 50 Global Bluegrass Singles Chart

Top 50 Global Bluegrass Albums

We wish to thank all of those wonderful dj's who have played our music and have been so good to us.
You are so awesome!!!

Oct 15, 2010

"The Urban Monroes at the Florence Winter Folk Festival. A fantastic sound...really impressive."
Click HERE  to read review and see photo

Everything is finalized for Coombs Bluegrass festival in BC. Can't wait to get up their. This will be our 2nd bluegrass cruise. We love those ferry rides! To see photos from the Bluegrass Cruise we took August go to our Whidbey Island Bluegrass Festival Blog at Myspace. Such a beautiful place...

Oct 1, 2010

The Urban Monroes are  # 9 in the  TOP 35  Bluegrass artists reporting on the national folk chart at ReverbNation.  

Punch Brothers
Henhouse Prowlers
Cadillac Sky
Farewell Drifters
Spring Creek
Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen
Steep Canyon Rangers
Head for the Hills
Urban Monroes
The Expedition Show
Dixie Bee Liners
Lonesome Traveler
Hardline Drive
Liberty Bluegrass Band
Del McCoury
Mountain Heart
Ashleigh Caudill
Amanda and Scott Anderson
Exception to the Rule
Monroe Crossing
Pete Wernick
Anderson Family Band
Nu Blu
Rhonda Vincent
Greensky Bluegrass
Eric McDonald
Justin Moses
Daily and Vincent
Bluegrass Parlor Band
Unstrung Heroes
Sandy Pickers
Lindsay Lou

We have a new video out for the song Fireball Mail

Here is our new CD Pavement and Pathways. Two singles have gone out from the album. They were released on Poetman Records. The most recent " Sink or Swim" appears on the radio sampler with a track from Rhonda Vincent

Festival season is over but festival booking season is in full swing and we have confirmed details for Ogden Music Festival in Utah along with several other great festivals.

Every now and then we like to post a playlist. Here's one from KGNU-

Urban Monroes- When the Aspens Turn
The Hillbenders- Highway Gambler
Romano Paoletti- Ragtime Blues
Martin Gilmore- Don't Talk About Hard Times
Lonesome Traveler- Right Where I'm Supposed to Be

Ryan Spearman- Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
Blue Highway- Lonesome Pine
Sam Bush- Sailin' Shoes
Giddyup Kitty- Colorado
Lonesome River Band- Record Time Machine
Tim O'Brien/Darrell Scott- Walk Beside Me
J Douglas/P Rowan- Tribulations
Jerry Douglas- Little Martha

Jimmy Martin- I Like to Hear 'Em Preach It
Laurie Lewis- Going to the West
Tony Trischka- Fox on the Run
Trampled by Turtles- Victory
New Grass Revival- Sapporo
The Bluegrass Band- Duelin' Banjos

Infamous Stringdusters- God's country
Mountain Heart- Deadwood
Hot Rize- Climbing Up A Mountain
Frank Solivan and D.K- Line drive
The Farewell Drifters- sunnyside drive
Blue Canyon Boys- Rocky Mountain Bound
The New Tradition- Daniel Prayed
The Dillards- The Old Home Place
Peter Rowan- The Family Demon

Tim O'Brien- I've endured
Gillian Welch- Red Clay Halo
Yonder Mountain S.B- rain still falls
Strength in Numbers- Slopes
Ralph Stanley- Mountain Folks
Bluegrass Patriots- High Country
The Churchmen- Take Me in the Lifeboat

Steve Martin- Daddy Played The Banjo
Punch Brothers- rye whiskey
Del McCoury Band- Recovering Pharisee
Tony Rice- Church Street Blues
John Hartford- I'm Still Here
Pete Kartsounes- Old Bluegrass Home
Psychograss- hot nickles
Laurie Lewis- Maple's Lament

Sept 4, 2010

Comments of the Week-.
"...I didn't know what I was missing. I "picked up" your set at the NWSS.  I really enjoy your sound, great bluegrass. Hope 'yall make it to Kansas some day."-Mike

"I just saw your performance at Whidbey Island. Thank you. Listening to your music under the trees was pure joy"-Colette

We have new blog entries at and also at our Myspace site at They have photos from our recent shows and other fun stuff.

Here is a Review from NWSS

Interview at Bluegrass Music Profiles

An article in Cybergrass


August 17, 2010

We will be giving an interview with England's "Bluegrass Around the World" with Lynne Butler this Thursday.

August 13, 2010

Below is a link to a review of the Urban Monroes at NWSS.  Many thanks to Northwest Festival Reviews

August 12, 2010

Stop by and read an article about us at Cybergrass

July 20, 2010

Comment of the Week about Darrington Bluegrass Festival - "The Urban Monroes blew me away" Betty Jo

There is an interview with the Urban Monroes in Bluegrass Music Profiles Magazine. If you are interested, you can read it at

July 16, 2010

- Comment of the Week- " I love your sound and your music, can't wait to hear you this weekend" Ki

Here are a couple of articles you can read in Cybergrass Magazine about our shows at Darrington and String Summit

Darrington Bluegrass Festival
Read Article on Urban Monroes at Darrington Bluegrass Festival

Northwest String Summit
Read Article  on Urban Monroes at NWSS

Also please visit us at the Bluegrass Mix

In the near future look for an interview with us in Bluegrass Music Profiles Magazine

July 1, 2010

-Comment of the week
"I received the cd's and to put it mildly, I LOVE THEM!!! definitely my kind of bluegrass" Keith

It's been a busy couple of months with an even busier month ahead. Coming up we will be playing Northwest String Summit and Darrington Bluegrass Festival. At Darrington we will be playing right before Rhonda Vincent and at NWSS we will be right before the Stringdusters. We have a new single coming out in July. This will be the second from our new CD "Pavement and Pathways" The first single  "When the Aspens Turn" was released earlier in the year and returned an impressive airplay report.

Our latest video will be featured on tv in North Carolina on Chester Thompson's Old Time Radio Jamboree who has also been playing our music on their radio show for the last couple of months. The show recently moved to television. We will be giving an interview with them soon.

In the coming weeks look for an interview with us in Bluegrass Music Profiles magazine. When we know the date and issue we will let you know. Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!

April 29, 2010

It has been a very exciting April. Below are several reviews and artcles published this month. We'll just let those do the talking for us. Happy Spring to everyone!

-Facebook Message of the Week
"I checked out your website (urbanmonroes) yesterday and played all the songs on my computer at work all afternoon for all to hear...loved it!! I'd love to catch a show sometime...great grooves!! Pamela

-"As a music journalist it is my duty to report the facts. I followed the Urban Monroes in two consecutive shows. The first was a festival in Florence, the second was in Eugene at the Emerald Valley Opry. Beautiful Alison Krauss-like vocals in a consistenty captivating delivery had every eye and ear focused on this band. Explosive instrumental picking from each of the Urban Monroes made for two very exciting evenings. I can not recommend this band more." Steve's Bluegrass Blog

-"I'm listening to the Urban Monroes tracks right now and your music is ridiculously HOTTT!!  Thanks for sharing your music with me and I can't wait to play you on my show!!!  The Bluegrass Mix Radio

-"I got your single "When The Aspens Turn" in the mail this past Friday, and I really enjoyed it.  I also played it on my Bluegrass Show this past Sunday evening, and I had a nice response from my listeners.  Please send me a radio air-play copy of "Pavement & Pathways" to share more of your material with them when it's available".  WGTY

-An article on the Urban Monroes in Cybergrass

-We are featured at World Wide Bluegrass- the largest listener supported bluegrass radio station in the world. Please stop by.You'll love the place:

April 9, 2010

 Facebook Message of the Week
"Your flatpicking blew my hair back" Angie

We all survived April 1st, although it's not nearly as scary as April 15th. For some reason, it seems appropriate that the tax deadline and the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's death fall on the same day. So with these deeply contemplative thoughts possibly troubling our minds, we would like to shift gears to something more uplifting and once again thank Cybergrass for their work in supporting the bluegrass community and for the article they ran on the Urban Monroes appearance at Darrington Bluegrass Festival this summer. This will be our second consecutive time at the festival and it will be a whirlwind weekend. We are playing a 9 pm show on Friday night then scurring off to Portland to play in the Northwest Spotlight at String Summit on Saturday. Then back, back, back we go to Darrington to play a 1pm Sunday show. Should be lots of fun with much jamming and wonderful memories to come.

We have a new channel at YouTube. It's just getting off the ground
Youtube Urban Monroes Channel

We wish to thank KGNU "Old Grass Gnu Grass" and KRSC 91.3 "Bluegrass on the Hill" for spinning our music over the last couple of weeks. A ginormous thank you to World Wide Bluegrass ( for featuring us again. We also want to thank RiverCity Music Festival for sponsoring our performance at the Energy Trust show at the Portland Expo Center. It was a huge event packed with thousands of people and it was fabulous to be a part of it.

March 18, 2010

Well, it's always nice to be featured at World Wide Bluegrass, and if you swing by you'll see that the Urban Monroes and the CD "One Fret Makes a Difference" are featured there again. That CD is about have some company though as our new CD "Pavement and Pathways" is almost here. In support of the new project, We did an interview with Uncle Billy Dunbar. An award winning bluegrass DJ, Uncle Billy hosts a couple of bluegrass shows in addition to a WWB show and the interview will be airing on all of his shows in the coming weeks.

In the last few days we've also added a couple of major festivals to our schedule. First, we're very pleased to be part of the line up for Northwest String Summit on July 17th this year. This is an amazing larger-than-life event that should be incredibly fun. Second, we've been invited to Mid-Winter Bluegrass Festival in Denver Feb 18-19, 2011. Another excellent festival that we're extaordinarily pleased to have on our calendar. Prior to that we added Rivercity Bluegrass to our 2011 lineup, also Coombs Bluegrass Festival (B.C Canada) and Ogden Bluegrass (Utah)

February 18, 2010
A Review from our Performance at Winterfolk Festival

"I was prepared for a good time, but I wasn't prepared to be blown away by one of the bands on Saturday's roster. The Urban Monroes, a bluegrass band from the north part of the Willamette Valley, are just a superb example of a contemporary take on traditional bluegrass. Their playing was tight and fast when it needed to be--just listen to their take on "My Window Faces The South"--and swingy and slow in their lovely version of Karla Bonoff's "Home."  Listening to the CD here at home, we get to play our favorites over again and focus on the musicianship as well."

January 18, 2010

Here we are nearly three weeks into 2010. It’s at about this point every January that most New Year’s resolutions have been compromised or totally abandoned. If you are among the many frustrated resolvers, take heart! The Urban Monroes resolved to have this winter update completed and posted by July and if we can do it, you can too!

The performance year started with the Eastside Bluegrass Concert Series. With the event’s largest turnout to date, the evening was a smashing success for the venue and the band. The turnout and CD sales made it possible for the band to make a donation for Haitian relief following the disaster there. Next up this month will be Winter Folk in Florence, OR. Packing out the Florence Convention Center every year, Winter Folk takes place not far from Sea Lion Caves (the world’s LARGEST sea cave); the trip will give us the opportunity to do a little sightseeing as well as performing.

We’ve added the Darrington and Goldendale bluegrass festivals to the band’s 2010 lineup. This will be our second year in a row at both of those and stay tuned as this summer’s festival season continues to expand. We’ve also confirmed three new festivals for the 2011 season.

The New Year also saw the release of our single “When the Aspens Turn” to 1300 radio stations. Stay tuned to your favorite bluegrass radio station to hear the Urban Monroes’ latest radio rendering. Feel free to let them know you liked it, if you’re so inclined.

All of us in the Urban Monroes hope your 2010 is going great. Let the events in Haiti remind us of how blessed we are, and consider this an opportunity to help out those in need.

Dec 7 2009

Facebook message of the week:
"OMG!!! so I just checked out your website. Love the way y'all MASH it!!!!  I'll be telling everyone to look for you"

Dec 7 2009

A Magnificent Sleigh and Eight Tiny John Deeres:

We had a busy weekend in radio-land and thought we’d share some of the highlights with you. On Saturday Morning 12/5, we aired on Boulder’s KGNU “Old Grass Gnu Grass show” with Cuz’n Nickels and KVMR’s “County Line Bluegrass” in Grass Valley, CA. That night, Gentleman Jim was playing some Urban Monroes on World Wide Bluegrass. (It’s rumored that we also snuck into the chatroom there.) Sunday 12/6, we aired on “Bluegrass on the Hill” with Jeanie Evans on KRSC FM in Claremore, OK. Coming up this Wednesday, if you tune into 98.5 FM CKWR in Ontario “Blueridge Express” will be playing us as well. I expect our version of “the Grinch” will be making its annual appearance which it also did on World Wide Bluegrass last night.

So you're wondering about the 8 tiny John Deeres...well we sort of made that part up, but it felt Christmasy and was way less manipulative than planting subliminal messages of warm, chewy, melty, gooey, chocolate, chip cookies.

Nov 18 2009

Once again we are being confronted with the inferior quality of some of our American made trees; a little cold weather, a few gusts of wind and poof…the leaves fall off! They are doing this all over the place. It seems to happen every year about this time, too. So predictable, just like the appliance that breaks as soon as the warranty runs out. I hope the Douglas Firs aren’t influenced by this blatant show of mediocrity. The last thing I would want in cold weather is bare limbs.

In spite of their shortcomings, those dang trees with the “on again, off again” foliage relationship can still be influential. A trip through Colorado last year provided the inspiration for Urban Monroes' guitarist Fran Kent to write the song "When the Aspens Turn." Affectionately known as "Aspens" on the set list, it has become one of our favorites. Poetman Records liked it too. Saying the song was, "a winner with top notch playing," the band's recorded version is scheduled for release on Poetman's Acoustic Rainbow Volume 35 in January, 2010.

To follow up the release of the single, our CD is slated for release March of 2010 with an event/show to be held at the Old Liberty Theater in Ridgefield, Washington. The plan is to have it feel like a mini bluegrass festival that night, with minimal ticket prices and a maximum amount of music.

Hey, we’re featured again at World Wide Bluegrass! After being sponsored by WWB (the largest listener supported, 24/7, bluegrass radio station in the known universe) out of the blue, they decided to once more feature us on their website at  The Urban Monroes have been invited a second time to play Grass Stock, the Official World Wide Bluegrass festival in Ohio which happens in August. Hopefully the trees in Ohio will still have their leaves…we’ll be looking for shade.

If you get a chance, check out our Myspace Blogs. You can read about the many radio stations playing our music and relive some of our recent travel experiences. Be sure to watch the Road to Wenatchee video; you’ll see how real trees are supposed to behave.

Nov 7 2009
Read Article on When the Aspens Turn in Cybergrass

A trip through Colorado last year provided the inspiration for Urban Monroes' guitarist Fran Kent to write the song "When the Aspens Turn." Affectionately known as "Aspens" on the Urban Monroes' set list, it has become one of the band's favorite songs. Poetman Records liked it too. Saying the song was "a winner with top notch playing," the band's recorded version is scheduled for release on Poetman's Acoustic Rainbow Volume 35. The song is scheduled for release in January 2010  

The Acoustic Rainbow radio sampler is distributed to radio stations worldwide. Past volumes have included Mountain Heart, Merle Haggard, Pat Flynn, the Del McCoury Band, and Ricky Skaggs.

Oct 13 2009

(the comment below was found on a Myspace forum blog)

"Listen to The Urban Monroe's "If you Stay" and their cover of "Time of your life," they leave me speechless, I mean, literally speechless, they're just that good ... I'm udderly speechless with the vocal ability and instrumental ability of The Urban Monroes."

Oct 11 2009

(the message below was sent to us after our show at Bluegrass and Birdfest on Oct 10)

"My girlfriend, Jean, and I went to Birdfest yesterday thinking we might hear some good music and enjoy the beautiful fall day. Little did we know that we'd discover the best music we've heard in a summer full of bluegrass festivals. You guys are awesome. That's a much overused word these days, but in your case it's absolutely appropriate because Jean and I were truly in awe listening the power, beauty, and soulful nature of your music.

When people think of Bill Monroe, they usually think of a very specific way of playing, the so called "bluegrass tradition" that Bill  created. But what Bill Monroe represents to me is pure originality and soul. He was so bluesy and soulful. And there was nothing he ever did that wasn't informed by his personal artistic vision and straight from his heart, I think. You acquit yourselves very well in  this version of the "tradition" because there is an authenticity and soul to your music that rings like a bell.

It was a great day for Jean and I. We picked up your CD and are enjoying it very much...So all in all, this was a pretty special Saturday for us. We'll be keeping an eye on your schedule and hope to catch you whenever we can, especially the festivals next summer. I hope you guys hit some of the ones here in the NW. Thank you so much for the music. The world is a better place with the musical karma you're putting into it."

Yours---William and Jean
(Thank you so much William and Jean!! With Love...the Urban Monroes!)

Sept 30, 2009

Thanks to KGNU in Boulder for the spins. Great bluegrass shows there.

We have added the Eastside Bluegrass Series and several bluegrass festivals to our calenar.  Very special thanks to World Wide Bluegrass for their awesome continued support of the Urban Monroes music. They have had us featured on their site and have plugged and played our music constantly. We love them. World Wide Bluegrass is amazing.

Myspace comment of the week:
"I often come to your page and listen to your music"

Sept 22, 2009

Reverb Nation message of the week:
"You are my favorites. I play "White River" over and over..."YOU'RE FANTASTIC"

Sept 17, 2009

Adding a photo blog at Myspace of the bluegrass festival at Snowbird Utah. Didn't have a chance to do it until now. We had a great time up there.

Sept 16, 2009

L.R Baggs rep. John Mooy has been so helpful and supportive during the time of my endorsement with them. Whenever there's been any kind of a question he has been quick to respond no matter where he is. Currently, he is on tour with Loggins & Messina but still found time today to email me from the road with an answer to a technical question. 

Sept 15, 2009

Looking forward to heading up to Ridgefield, Washington for Bluegrass and Bird Fest. We are playing at the Old Liberty Theater at 1PM on Saturday Oct 10. We understand there will be bluegrass jams all over town in various venues with shows going on at a couple of different locations besides the Old Liberty Theater.

Here is an interview that appeared in the Skamania County Pioneer for the Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival.

For the last two or three weeks the Urban Monroes have held the # 1 spot in the reverbnation charts in Dallas Texas. We do not know why we are at the top of the chart in Dallas Texas since we are not from that region. Not complaining or anything.

Urban Monroes have been added to a great bluegrasss show- KRSC 91.2 FM "Bluegrass on the Hill " with Jeanie Evans  who has featured the Urban Monroes in several of the playlists there.

Sept 8, 2009
Playing the Emerald Valley Opry on Sept 12. This will be our 3rd time there. That place is always packed to the rafters. Love playing this event which raises money for local school music programs. How awesome is that? One listen to this mp3 of a high school band trying to play Odyssey and you'll understand the importance of funding school music programs.. Odyssey

August 25, 2009
We played three shows at Enumclaw Bluegrass Festival. Had a great time. On Saturday, we drove up to Mt Reineir which was breath-taking. There are some pictures in our Myspace photo blog. We also found another tremendous breakfast place called Charlies. The people of Enumclaw are wonderful. They even set me up with a bowl of custom blue M&M's in the green room. Read our Myspace blog on M&M's for clarification.

The Urban Monroes have a new video that was shot by the Port Orchard Independant for Olalla Bluegrass Festival. You can find it at the "video" link to the left. We think it's a nice change of pace from the cell phone coverage we've been getting lately.

August 17 2009
We played Olalla bluegrass festival this weekend. This was our second time there. They said we were back by popular demand. We were glad.  We love it up there. It's right on Puget Sound in Washington and we wanted to go over and see some killer whales but we didn't have time. In these parts, a person can drive an hour to the coast and can always see whales but rarely are they killer whales. We tried to summon some whales to the stage with a bowed bass but to no avail.

See new photos from our festival shows this season. A fun place to see them is in our "photo blogs" at myspace.


August 13, 2009
We played a Sandy Parks Concert yesterday. Oh my gosh what a gorgeous stage!!! The setting is under huge conifer trees that are lush and dripping with life. It could have rained and I don't think anyone would have gotten wet. There was a beautiful little stream between the audience and the stage just quietly trickling in the background. To offset nature's wonders, the event was also marked by the band's first ever moshing.

There are quite a few new show reviews for the Urban Monroes' festival appearances this season. You can see them at the "reviews" link. (to the left)

August 1 2009
Private Party-Pig Roast!!!  Every show we played all season has involved large audiences where every eye was on us at all moments. We love that very much but I think all of us had forgotten what if feels like to just relax until this day.It was nice to have everyone worried about the pig for a change. It was fun. YUM....good food. Nothing like spending a meal with a good animal. Oh yeah....the bass almost melted. It was the hottest day on record.

The UM's have been added to a number of wonderful shows, most recently "Fields of Bluegrass" with Cary Fields in Indiana in the land of Bean Blossom and Bill Monroe.
July 27 2009
This year, Columbia Gorge Bluegrass festival was the best it's ever been. It's normally a big festival, but the attendance was even better than in previous years. The String Dusters, Rhonda Vincent, The Quebe Sisters all put on magnificent shows. There were also spectacular Gorge views to ponder as well. Every minute there was something to feast your senses on whether it was a great band or a beautiful Columbia River sunset. We had a great show as well! You can see pics on our Myspace Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival Photo Blog
The band has a beautiful new EPK.  If you book shows, let us know and we'll send one to your inbox. Email
July 21 2009
Darrington Bluegrass Festival was beyond our expectations. It's known as the grandaddy of the Northwest bluegrass festivals. It''s sort of a traditional Telluride. Dale Ann Bradley, Dailey and Vincent and a ton of excellent bands (click the link to see the line-up) were the deal there. There were so many night jams of varying levels. I (Fran) arrived a day before the rest of the band so that was how I spent my Friday night...just pickin'.   After our first show Saturday, we all drove into the North Cascade range. Wow. So beautiful up there. Check out our Myspace Darrington Photo Blog to see pics of the mountains there. Incredible. I camped on the festival grounds and slept like a baby. I hadn't slept so well in many weeks.

The Urban Monroes have new playlists for KGNU in Boulder CO, KUSU-FM Utah, and Allessandria, Italy (don't have the call letters for the latter.)

June 30, 2009

We were very sad to see four festivals that we were on the bill for cancel this season. We still had a great schedule of festivals we were playing regardless of the situation but you just hate to see a bluegrass festival go under. The economy has been tough for these folks and we can only praise them for their hard work. Amboy BGF, Sandy River BGF, Wilipa Hills BGF, Salmon Festival-RIP

June 5, 2009

We headed off to Goldendale to play the Fiddlin Under the Stars festival.. Any show that takes us up the Columbia Gorge always has the words "total blast" associated with it. The Columbia River carved gorge is beautiful to drive through though very windy. It is the wind surfing capital of the world.  The festival was really fun. We jammed with many of our friends  at night under a gorgeous star filled sky. There's an observatory nearby where there's really great viewing. We played three shows and just really enjoyed ourselves.  Found another awesome breakfast place too. Always a highlight to any trip. We're a breakfast band.

There is going to be a CD give-away on a bluegrass radio station in Goldendale WA which you can stream live.Stay tuned here if you want to get a free copy of our CD "One Fret Makes a Difference."  When we get the url to stream the show from, we'll post the info here. They will also be playing our music steadily over the next 3 weeks to promote the Goldendale Bluegrass Festival that we are playing up there on May 29th and 30th.

Due to the success of their last radio release, the Urban Monroes were invited to do another.  This will happen in October or November. "When the Aspens Turn" is the tune. The first release through Poetman Records returned hundreds of chartable spins.
The UM's have been added to "Pacifically Bluegrass" on the Bluegrass Mix at Listen in on Saturday nights.
We received our airplay report and it was great. Way better than we thought. We had a song on a radio sampler that also included David Grisman and Pete Seeger.  It has been played a lot!!!
May 15, 2009
We played at the Mississippi Pizza (great music venue in Portland) with our friends Whiskey Puppy. They are so much fun and we had a great time. Looking forward to connecting with them again.

Tune in to World Wide Bluegrass on Wednesdays  at 11 AM Pacific to hear the Urban Monroes in the show.

Tune in to at 9:30 AM GMT in Belfast Ireland on May 1st  (FEILE  FM  103.2FM) to hear us in the show Elevansies with Rena Maguire.

March 5 2009
Wintergrass was another unbelievable festival with a multitude of national acts. It was carried off so well. Wintergrass has excellent organization. We played three shows there including the mainstage, Ballroom and the Church. The Church is everything you've ever heard about and more. WOW what a venue. The acoustics are to die for and the audience is so very supportive. At Wintergrass a lot of our World Wide Bluegrass friends showed up like editor Sammie Farnsworth and that made it that much more special to us.

Summing up the reverb nation stuff, we basically moved up those charts till we sat at the number 1 spot in Oregon for several weeks. Lots of people listened and because of that we stayed there for a long time. At Reveb Nation people do a lot to keep their songs at the top of the charts. We didn't do anything like that because we wanted to get a real sense of people's interest level in our music and what the songs would do all by themselves. The result was very rewarding.

This is an excerpt from the Nechville Newsletter published in April:  The Nechville company makes banjos and Matt has an endorsement with them. So this was in their Spring Banjo Newsletter.

"Matt Gray is well known in Portland's amazing music scene. His award winning banjo playing runs the range from hard driving Scruggs picking to single string progressive work that is emulated by many of the up and coming players in the region...Matt plays in the Urban Monroes. They have graced the stage at most of the most prestigious bluegrass and Americana events in the Pacific Northwest..." Nechville Musical Products

Tune into the Bradford Street Bluegrass show on WOMR FM in MA 6pm eastern . Fran will be talking to them live in an interview. Also, catch the show every Wednesday. You can hear our music there.

February 11,  2009
Getting ready to play the Emerald Valley Opry again on Feb 14. I will be doing a live radio interview at KRVM in Eugene just before the show. It's a good idea to get tickets early for this venue as it is always jam packed! Big theater too so that's a lot of people in order to make it jam packed.

We now have a page at Reverb Nation

The Urban Monroes are working on a new CD. Two of the new songs are already being played on several stations such as Fields of Bluegrass with Cary Allen Fields.

The Urban Monroes music is available on iTunes, CD Baby and Rhapsody  and many other fine stores. Some of the links are on our front page.

January 15
Rivercity Bluegrass Festival was way too much fun. It was loaded with headlining acts, everything from Darol Anger and Mike Marshall in Pschograss, Cadillac Sky, to Ralph Stanley, JD Crowe, Kruger Brothers, Sierra Hull and...well  the list just went on an on. It was crazy good!!!! We had two shows on the Cascade Stage. Found these reviews later- "Urban Monroes is a band to watch for. They have that spark that makes them stand out... That was from Northwest Bluegrass. Then the Festival Owner said, "you are magic together, I couldn't tear myself away from your show"  We had such an awesome time there.

Acoustic Rainbow (Poetman Records) has released the Urban Monroes single "Time of Your Life" which has gone out to 1,300 radio stations world wide. Acoustic Rainbow is the world leader in radio distribution of roots music.  There was an overwhelming response. Here is a sampling of playlists


On August 1st, tune into and hear our live interview. We will be calling from Cody Wyoming.

Summer Festivals we played :

-Portland Rose Festival -June
-Amboy Bluegrass Festival-June
-Troutdale Bite and Bluegrass Festival July 12

-We are at Northwest String Summit  on July 18. We will be broadcast across the entire festival grounds from our live performance on the Peacock Stage.

-We are playing on the main stage at Salem Art Fair and Music Festival on July 19.

 -In August  we will be playing Olalla Bluegrass Festival in Washington

-Bellevue Music Festival in Idaho

-Salmon Festival Oxbow Park, Portland,Oregon

Also coming up- Emerald Valley Opry, Gresham Little theater and some of our favorite roots based clubs in Portland this Fall.

Listen to World Wide Bluegrass to hear our music featured in their stream daily.

Tune into the Blueridge Express Radio Show (98.5 FM Ontario Canada) to hear our music. They profiled our in May and continue to play us.

We are currently being featured on the front page of the world's biggest and best Intenet Radio Station, World Wide Bluegrass ( They also have our entire EP in the stream. We will be doing a live interview with them in August.

Our EP is currently for sale through SNOCAP. The SNOCAP store will soon be posted on this page.

The Urban Monroes appeared on the Top Artist List for the national  folk and bluegrass DJ organization. They appeared on the list  because of the number of radio plays they received that were reported in January.

The Urban Monroes are featured at the LR Baggs Myspace site with their song White River.

-Fran has an artist endorsment deal with LR Baggs.
She has been using the dual source pickups in her acoustic guitars for several years and swears by them for the tone they provide while preserving the acoustic nature of her instruments.

-KXCI Tucson will begin airing our music

-We will be featured on Radio Free FM Germany in the coming days on the Americana show with Friedrich Hog

-We have new playlists for WVBR, WAER, WLUW and KBOO

- We have upcoming airplay  on KLCC Eugene with Frank Gosar, KXCI Tuscon in Henry Hallet and Radio Upper Galilee in Israel.

-On March 8th we will be playing the Emerald Valley Opry in Eugene. We hope to see you at this lovely theater.

-Please join us for the St Patrick's Day Celebration on March 17th at Mississippi Pizza. The show starts at 9pm and goes to 11pm. We had a completely full house last time so come on down and enjoy. This is a free show.

-We are lined out for some really fun fairs and festivals this summer and fall. We hope to see you frolicking under the sun and blue skies with us this summer.

-"... you guys are great!" Dallas McCord-Emerald Valley Opry Board

-  During Jan we had many new radio playlist from around the US and particularly from Europe where we have had a surge of airplay over the last several weeks. We thank all of those great dj's for supporting the Urban Monroes

- The Urban Monroes were featured today on KVMR with DJ Eric Rice on the County Line Bluegrass Show.   (Thank you Eric!)

- The Urban Monroes thank Steve Winters -Profiles in Folk WSHU, and Mara Noelle-Ruby Slippers KVMR for requesting our music for airplay

-  We have had new playlists from Hillbilly Rockhouse,  Country Rose radio shows

- The Urban Monroes thank the following DJ's for requesting their music.  Manechem Vinegrad- Radio Upper Galilee Israel, Graham Mcdonald -Art Sound FM Australia, Peter Fraissinet- Salt Creek Show New York, Bill Stuart -Folk Bluegrass and More Florida, Larry Hoyt- Common Threads Show New York

-Tune in to KVMR on Saturday for the County Line Bluegrass Show. They will be spinning several of our tracks. You can stream it at with DJ Eric Rice

- We received an awesome new playlist from the show "Country Rose" featuring "White River"

-Oh, we received another awesome playlist from Chicago DJ John Write WLUW at Loyala University.  The Urban Monroes say "Thank YOU"

-  we received a great playlist from WRKF Batton Rouge with our music in it. Thanks for the spin Taylor Caffery!

-The Urban Monroes thank the following DJ's for requesting their music for airplay: Eric Rice-KVMR,
John Wright-WLUW, Gerd Stassen-Hillbilly Rockhouse, Carolyn VandeWiele-Womanspace &Tue AM Music Mix, Sue Demond-KLOI, Taylor Caffey-Hootenany Power

-We have been asked to play live over the airwaves at the California Bluegrass Association Grass Valley Festival. We will play live in the KVMR tent at the festival. Should be great fun.

-Last week we were spun on Bowed Radio which then went out to a rather large network of radio stations who played the Bowed Radio Show with our song in it.  That was kind of cool.

-Last month we were featured in an entire block on a radio show called "Misty Mountain Jam"

-Our banjo player Matt has an artist endorsement with Nechville.  Stop in at the Nechville booth at Rivercity Festival  to hear Matt tearing it up on his new banjo.