Birdfest and Bluegrass 

Old Liberty Theater

Clatskanie Bluegrass Festival

Issaquah Salmon Fest

Florence Performing Arts


Florence Performing Arts

Whidbey Island Bluegrass Festival

   Florence Performing Arts

Florence Performing Arts

Urban Monroes Cashmere Washington  (by Marie Vecchio)


Urban Monroes 

Having a good time on the
Main Stage at Wintergrass-opening for Mike Marshall 

Fran putting the blues into Blue Moon of Kentucky

Matt caressing the strings

Jeff stringing us along


Olalla Bluegrass 

On stage at Olalla-Taken from a video so a bit fuzzy

Matt-re-caressing the strings 

Fran singing some more of her guts out 


Jeff aiming his bow 


The Olallians 


Here's a video of the show


Darrington Bluegrass Festival 

The Darringtonians

Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival 
Photo Credit Skamania County News


 String Summit

Rivercity Bluegrass Festival 

Jason Olalla Bluegrass Festival 

Jeff Olalla  


Fran String Summit

Matt String Summit

Fran Olalla 

Matt Olalla

Jeff String Summit