Appaloosa Daydream

“Appaloosa Daydream is brilliant!.” The Daily Reed

Bluegrass Today-"Not every bluegrass song has a deep meaning, nor a longstanding historical reference. But with William’s Still Alive, the new single from Portland’s Urban Monroes, we get both.

Written by the Monroes’ Fran Kent, the song describes her discovery of a document from 1865 that marks her great-great-great-grandfather’s separation from the Union Army in Vicksburg, MS.  William F. Perdue had spent three years as a soldier, having survived a brutal, bloody war that left more than 600,000 Americans dead, and almost twice as many wounded.

As the song continues, Fran tells of the emotions she felt in coming face-to-face with an ancestor she never knew, even as she held in her hand something he had carried personally as the war ended. She reports that it was a powerful thing, almost exactly 150 years after the document was drafted." -John Lawless

Oregonian -  "...emotionally-enrichedvigorously dynamic bluegrass lacking only in pretense and tedium." .

The Portland Tribune - ", fresh, invigorating, and as infectious as kindergarten chick-pox. You get a full emotional infusion with luscious vocals and tantalizing instrumentals; truth and tonic all in a single sweet bluegrass dose."

The Reflector -"contagious mix of rollicking bluegrass originals and covers with splendid singing and deft songwriting throughout"

The Columbian -"Kent is afforded ample room to reveal the depths of her soul, which she does to haunting effect on "Little Maggie."   But on “Never My Love,”  the mood takes you on a completely different sojourn back  to the days of brightly colored T-shirts and 3 minute radio hits with this Association cover done brilliantly as bluegrass.


"Appaloosa Daydream, the Urban Monroes’ third CD release; trots, gallops and sometimes flies across a 10-song soundscape of original and traditional bluegrass music. Songs like the upbeat and vocally divine original, “Lamp in the Window” can take you to a warm fire on a cold night, while the title track prances delightedly in a valley of instrumental bliss. Don’t be fooled by seeing “Little Maggie” on this CD’s track listing either. This is uncharted territory. That recognizable title could not prepare one for this sonic surprise package, with a performance as hauntingly beautiful as it is muscular. Combining motifs from Darling Corey and Little Maggie, the band’s arrangement exchanges energy from moment to moment like the ebb and flow of ocean waves as this trail again leads to the unexpected and exciting.


With enduring arrangements and some clever musical horse sense, the Urban Monroes nimbly negotiate a path to discover the unexplored in the midst of some familiar and some not-so-familiar terrain. The CD lays out that fresh panorama in eloquent testimony of the band’s talent. "
  - Fireball Mail Magazine


"From haunting bluegrass vocal ballads to joyous upbeat instrumentals, Urban Monroes' latest CD Appaloosa Daydream gallops across the bluegrass fields. The view from the saddle offers glimpses of stunning vistas both new and familiar with the Cascades of the band's home range on one hand and the Appalachians on the other.

The fan-friendly release showcases requested concert favorites and is packed with surprises such as the intricately meshed arrangement of Blackberry Shortcake; a refreshing retake of the bluegrass jam session standard Blackberry Blossom. Another is Little Maggie. Rather than just re-shoeing this old war horse and giving it a quick kick, this is an inspired reinvention of the old favorite. While in delightful contrast, the band's old time-ish arrangement of the title track pumps elements of tradition into a new tune.

Appaloosa Daydream offers the chance to gallop, trot, prance and roll in the bluegrass. Urban Monroes have put their brand on each of these tracks and prove they have the ponies to run with anybody.
- Jamboree Mountain Bluegrass Magazine

"Sublime vocals and creative arrangements" - Stanton University Radio- Review of Appaloosa Daydream

"I just LOVE Little Maggie. I can't sit still while listening to it. I'm an old Irish dancer so out comes the Irish dancing!"-Fan Review

"Oh that was just plain awesomeness there!!!!!!!!!"~Fan Review

"The musicianship here is outstanding. Great intertwining of instruments its like they are talking to each other". ~Fan Review

WOW! BRILLIANT! EXCELLENT! It is delightful and a great pleasure to listen to your tuneful, harmonious, moving, optimistic and wonderful music. Great tracks, great tunes great musicians, and fascinating and gorgeous vocals. AMAZING!"~ Fan Review


"Wow!! First time I heard "Never Mind Love" in a bluegrass style and I must say it sounds really AWESOME!!! Harmonies are off the chart!! Great job!!!"-Fan Review


"Portland swings, the fiddle does too. Glass that’s blown, grass that’s blue. The sweet sweet smell of a garden rose. The sweet sweet sound of the Urban Monroes! "  ~Fan Review

“Appaloosa Daydream is exceptional.” -The Daily Reed


“The band is beyond tight.” -The Daily Reed


“When four talented musicians convert four very different acoustical instruments into one blended sound it is what I call magic.” -The Daily Reed


“You create magic in this CD.”-The Daily Reed


“…the arranging you have done here is brilliant.” -The Daily Reed


 “All of the tunes on the CD are superb.  There is no fill and no “hit next track” on the CD and they flow together well.”  -The Daily Reed

“I was listening to “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and fell in love with the vocalist just as I did over 30 years ago with Emmylou Harris.”-The Daily Reed


 “– crisp, sweet and truly captivating.”-The Daily Reed


“Appaloosa Daydream is brilliant!.”-The Daily Reed


"Once I heard them, I knew we should help them get to the top."
-Janet Davis Music

 "...the band is high-energy, a fusion of the traditional and contemporary, like their name."
-Janet Davis Music

"Their CD, Pavement and Pathways ranges from beautiful original tunes like When The Aspens Turn to exciting versions of Bluegrass staples like Fireball Mail, Old Joe Clark, and Wheel Hoss."
-Janet Davis Music

“Bluegrass music in all-wheel drive.”
The Register Guard

 “The entire 12 song release is totally captivating. Vocals, instrumentation and
lyrics all combine for an absolutely wonderful collection.”
Portland Tribune

“Passionately executed, high flying fun”

-The Oregonian

“Vocally and instrumentally exciting album suitable for a broad range of listeners”
-The Statesman Journal

 “Pavement and Pathways is a high strings adventure offering direct infusions of adrenalin.
So get in, sit down, and hold on.
Live PDX

“Honest like a hard day’s work and tasty like cold beverage at  the end of that day”

-The Columbian

“Their musical savvy and obvious ability make their albums compelling listens” 
-Goldmine Magazine

"With a panoramic view through inspiring originals and a driving rootsy style unrelentingly their own, Pavement and Pathways is a joyride down the
Appalachian Trail's fast lane.
-The Fireball Mail

-"Timeless bluegrass with doses of the contemporary integrated into a fully formed sound. Gorgeous, powerful vocal style and chart topping originals like "When The Aspens Turn" make for an album rich in dynamic bluegrass performance."
-Americana UK

"Listen to The Urban Monroe's "If you Stay" and their cover of "Time of your life," they leave me speechless, I mean, literally speechless, they're just that good ... I'm utterly speechless with the vocal ability and instrumental ability of The Urban Monroes."
-Fan review 

 "energetically infused bluegrass that spans the gamut from powerful original vocal beauties like "Hole in My Heart" to the adventurous instrumental arrangement of "Old Joe Clark" and the picturesque "When the Aspens Turn"
 - Blue Jam Magazine

 "...the music itself is like a portal to another world... It's hard to explain, but really well-done bluegrass always makes me feel like this."

-Fan Review

 "I received the new CD today and all I can say is WOW!! Every song is great!"-Jim Chatfield World Wide Bluegrass

"l love your voice and the soul in your sound!
-Lonesome Pine RFD, WAMU, WFDU FM

"You have a great sound! I can't wait to share your music with my listeners" -Jeanie Bluegrass Mix

"This reminds me of the music I was raised on. It brings back wonderful memories of another time... Her voice, those guitars and banjos, the way they're used for percussion as well as playing, I like pretty much everything." -
Fan Review
 "...You then took a breath before burning the paint off the walls with "My Window Faces The South & Wheel Hoss". Wow!! I wish I had that much energy!! Building the crescendo even more you played "Old Joe Clark, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, & Fireball Mail". The piece de resistance was "Secret Agent Man". What a great finish!! I was speechless the entire time this project was playing. I played this project several times & I'm sure I haven't heard everything. I keep finding different pockets of "goodies" that I haven't heard before. The instrumental work by the band was AWESOME... I thoroughly enjoyed the project & I can't wait to share it with my listeners. This project will be getting a lot of airplay... It was worth the wait!! - Backroads Bluegrass KCBL

 "It is very good stuff indeed. Very fresh and appealing approach to bluegrass"
-Highway 61
 "Blown've taken it to a whole new level"-
Fan Review

 "I love your tracks - such superb musicianship with a very distinctive sound"

  "I also am excited about getting to hear your full project. After 18 years as a bluegrass host it takes something pretty solid to get me excited about another CD! "

  "I have just listened to your "You Don't Have To Move That Mountain" cut on the Acoustic Rainbow Bluegrass sampler. I'm very impressed! This cut will get air play."
Down Home Bluegrass

 "I love the Urban Monroes, they have a great sound"

  "I'm listening to the Urban Monroes tracks right now and they are ridiculously HOTTT!! I can't wait to play it on my show!!!"
The Bluegrass Mix Radi


"You all have boundless talent. This is a spectacular show! Well performed"

"Excellent performance on all levels!You left me wanting more!!! Urban Monroes is the real deal" 

"A Fantastic Sound...really impressive"
Steve Gehlen
Review From Winterfolk HERE

"The Urban Monroes were pure joy to listen to"

Collete-fan review from Whidbey Island BGF

"The Urban Monroes blew me away"

Betty Jo-fan review from Darrington 2010

See photo and read review url

"The Urban Monroes had that high lonesome sound down to a science with a silken-throated lead singer."
Journalist Sarah Hagerman, Jambase for StringSummit

 "...Urban Monroes is a band to watch out for. They've got that "spark" that sets a band apart."
Fan Review From RiverCity Bluegrass Festival

 "Fran is one of the best singers in the Northwest male or female and she's a great guitar player too. When she's on stage, she's in command"
KBOO Radio Review from Aladdin Theater Show

"I don't even know how to let you know what kinds of responses I've received about your performance Saturday night. People were just blown away--not just a few----MANY!. It just made the evening be what I always hope it would be." 
Gresham Little Theater  Director

"Witty, charming...the band demonstrated an acoustic mixture of power and finesse"
The Statesman Journal for Salem Art Fair

"I was prepared for a good time, but I wasn't prepared to be blown away by one of the bands on Saturday's roster.  The Urban Monroes, a bluegrass band from the north part of the Willamette Valley, are just a superb example of a contemporary take on traditional bluegrass.  Their playing was tight and fast when it needed to be--just listen to their take on "My Window Faces The South"--and swingy and slow in their lovely version of Karla Bonoff's "Home."  Listening to the CD here at home, we get to play our favorites over again and focus on the musicianship as well.  I saw from the website that they'll be at the Emerald Valley Opry here in Eugene this spring.  I'm definitely marking the calendar for that one.  I suggest that if you get a chance to see them live, you take it". From the blog of Lynn Daniels Anderson
-Fan Review from Florence 


"You guys rocked. I really like what you've got going on. Hope to hear your music again somewhere live. Thanks for the awesome music!  
-Fan review from Eastside Bluegrass Concert Series

Howdy-my kids and I had a blast at your show last night at the Eastside Bluegrass series. You guys did a great job! Lynette  K.
-Fan review from Eastside Bluegrass Concert Series


"My girlfriend, Jean, and I went to Birdfest yesterday thinking we might hear some good music and enjoy the beautiful fall day. Little did we know that we'd discover the best music we've heard in a summer full of bluegrass festivals. You guys are awesome. That's a much overused word these days, but in your case it's absolutely appropriate because Jean and I were truly in awe listening the power, beauty, and soulful nature of your music.

When people think of Bill Monroe, they usually think of a very specific way of playing, the so called "bluegrass tradition" that Bill created. But what Bill Monroe represents to me is pure originality and soul. He was so bluesy and soulful. And there was nothing he ever did that wasn't informed by his personal artistic vision and straight from his heart, I think. You acquit yourselves very well in  this version of the "tradition" because there is an authenticity and soul to your music that rings like a bell."  Fan Review Old Liberty Theater

It was a great day for Jean and I. We picked up your CD and are enjoying it very much...So all in all, this was a pretty special
Saturday for us. We'll be keeping an eye on your schedule and hope to catch you whenever we can, especially the festivals next summer. I hope you guys hit some of the ones here in the NW. Thank you so much for the music. The world is a better place with the musical karma you're putting into it."
-Fan Review from Bluegrass and Birdfest 

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"I've been listening to your songs on Myspace and I am truly hooked on your sound" Andy T- Fan review from Myspace

"absolutely crisp and so well-done. The combination of original and traditional tunes (and fine arrangements of them at that) is simply splendid" Karen Olch, KRVM Radio Eugene

"Solid instrumentals and wonderful vocals...The future of bluegrass." David Peterson-Amboy Bluegrass Festival Director

"Top shelf! and you can quote me on that!”  Gracie Muldoon World Wide Bluegrass

 -"I am very impressed with your sound...  AAA+"
Bob Hayes Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival

"...absolutely crisp and so well-done. The combination of original and traditional tunes
(and fine arrangements of them at that) is simply splendid."

-Karen Olch-Acoustic Junction/Sounds Global KRVM FM

“Great hard drivin' bluegrass.”

-Bryan Klausing Acoustic Rainbow/ Poetman Records

"Musical excitement distilled to its purest form" -The Comet

"Timeless style with a delectable twang"-Americana U.K